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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eet \Eet\, obs. imp. of Eat.


"Eet" is a song from Regina Spektor's fifth studio album, Far. It was released as the album's second official single in October, 2009. In Europe it was released as a Digital Download on November 27, 2009.

Usage examples of "eet".

This god of armes was arrayed thus: A wolf ther stood biforn hym at his feet, With eyen rede, and of a man he eet.

He was out-cast of mannes compaignye, With asses was his habitacioun, And eet hey as a beest in weet and drye, Til that he knew by grace and by resoun That God of hevene hath domynacioun Over every regne and every creature, And thanne hadde God of hym compassioun And hym restored his regne and his figure.

I watched the Zacathan agree to something Eet suggested and the mutant carry the bowl out of the room—.

And now the room was unusually empty, for apparently Eet had sent every chair, as well as the table, desk, and bed back into the walls, leaving the carpeted floor bare, a single bracket light going.

Kip eet covered and eef the Spirit of Life is weeth heem, hee will recover somewhat.

Thers rubbil on thi floar & no glas or anyfin in thi windos & thi wind blos in thru a windo on thi otheir syd ov thi hooj circulir room & thru thi scafoldin & makes everfin sway in thi breez & thi slofs doan seem 2 tak ver gude care ov thi plais no moar than thay do ther can selfs, but @ leest thai gaiv me sum woter 2 drink & ½ a qwik wosh in & then gaiv me sum frute & nuts to eet.

Then I hauled out the disaster bag and Eet climbed in so that I could make the various sealings tight and inflate its air supply.

The suit holding Eet squirmed and wriggled, and then the mutant emerged, kicked the suit away in an almost vindictive gesture, and scrambled over to me to fumble with the sealings which held me in the protective covering.

Eet ees the story of a lEetle Fransh girl who comes to a beeg cEety, just like New York, and falls een love wees a lEetle boy from Brookleen.