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n. (context rare English) (plural of e nodot=y English), the name of the letter E.



  • Ees (place name), an archaic term for water meadows or firm land adjacent to streams or fens
  • EES (rapper), Namibian musician Eric Sell
  • Ees, Drenthe, a village in the Netherlands
  • Embedded Entertainment System, the first video game system developed in Central America.
  • Engineering Equation Solver, a thermodynamic heat-based software for solving technical engineering problems
  • English Engineering System, a system of measurement using Imperial units
  • Electric Eel Shock, a Japanese rock band
  • Electric Energy Storage, uses different forms of energy to be stored and to later be converted to electricity.
  • Egypt Exploration Society, an archeological society
  • Energy and Environmental Science, a peer-reviewed scientific journal
  • Engineering Education Scheme, a scheme in the UK for young engineers
  • Enron Energy Services, a division of Enron Corporation
  • Erythromycin ethylsuccinate, an antibiotic drug
  • Ethinyl estradiol sulfonate, an estrogenic drug
  • European Employment Strategy, the employment branch of the Open Method of Coordination
  • Executive English Solutions, Language Training Firm in Chile
Ees (place name)

Ees (plural of ee) is an archaic English term for a piece of land liable to flood, or water meadow. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon ¯eg (or ¯ieg) meaning "'island', also used of a piece of firm land in a fen and of land situated on a stream or between streams". It is still used locally in Greater Manchester to indicate former water meadows and flood basins adjoining the River Mersey: Chorlton Ees, Sale Ees and Stretford Ees. The term is also modified to "eye" and "eea" in the name of Park Eye (or Park Eea).

EES (rapper)

EES (also: eesy-ees/EeS/EeS, "Easy Eric Sell") is the stage name of Eric Sell a Namibian German Kwaito artist and rapper.

Sell was born in Windhoek on 5 October 1983. He lives both in Windhoek, Namibia's capital, and Cologne, Germany. His texts are written in a mixture of Afrikaans and English. He also makes frequent use of Namlish and Namibian German (Südwesterdeutsch), the German dialect spoken in Namibia, and he popularised the term Nam-Slang for it.

Usage examples of "ees".

So I am remember thees Savage ees have one small scar on left shoulder.