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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eerie \Ee"rie\, Eery \Ee"ry\, a. [Scotch, fr. AS. earh timid.]

  1. Serving to inspire fear, esp. a dread of seeing ghosts; wild; weird; as, eerie stories.

    She whose elfin prancer springs By night to eery warblings.

  2. Affected with fear; affrighted.


a. (alternative spelling of eerie English)

  1. adj. suggestive of the supernatural; mysterious; "an eerie feeling of deja vu" [syn: eerie, spooky]

  2. so strange as to inspire a feeling of fear; "an uncomfortable and eerie stillness in the woods"; "an eerie midnight howl" [syn: eerie]

Usage examples of "eery".

On this eery pinnacle a squared circle was formed, and in a few moments the sardonic desert moon leered down upon a battle which, but for the quality of the ringside cries, might well have occurred at some minor athletic club in America.

Darkness had come and the dangling lights cast an eerier, more brilliant glow.

Inside the club, the sudden silence was eerier than anything they had heard so far.

The aurora continued to softly wisp in the sky, vaguely reminiscent of the eerier, flitting ghosts themselves.

And what was even eerier was that they were heading in the same direction I was.

That was the eeriest thing of all: the Quman riders had obviously ridden back down the trail toward the abandoned village.

Smoke and steam were rising from the locomotive, but the eeriest thing about the whole dreadful business was the dead silence which had fallen on the scene.

The eeriest part was that I could not conceive of not having had that ability Yet I could remember how difficult it had been even to think of this as a possibility.

You monks twist Nature up with holy words, and try to disguise what the eeriest simpleton can see.

That was the eeriest part -- it was almost as if Jack and Jill had been visited and murdered by Jack and Jill.

I was close enough now to the top to hear it crazily whining through the harpstrings: the eeriest, most plaintive music .

I begin to think of the wide seas and the clouds and the eery midnights to the light of Skay and the Happy Isles lifting over the horizon.