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interj. (context onomatopoeia English) An expression of surprise or dismay. n. A short scream or yelp. vb. To vocalise a short scream or yelp; to produce an eep.


EEP may refer to:

  • Early Entrance Program (CSU), an accelerated schooling program in California
  • Eastern Equatorial Pacific, area in the Pacific Ocean
  • European Endangered Species Programme, type of population management for a species kept in European Association of Zoos and Aquaria zoos
  • European Environmental Press (EEP), an association of environmental magazines
  • UK Educational Evidence Portal, an online resource providing access to research in education and children's services
  • Extraspinal ependymoma, a type of ependymoma tumor

Usage examples of "eep".

And even if you could, perhaps it would be worth it to have hundreds of eeping ferrets in my kingdom, if I also had the Eternal Apprentice!

And, fast upon his heels, I heard a joyous eeping as my ferret bounded forth to greet me.