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vb. 1 To make a vocal rhythm in which some sounds are made by inhaling. 2 To inhale as part of such a rhythm.


EEF is an acronym and may refer to:

  • Éclaireurs Évangéliques de France, a French Christian Scout Movement.
  • Engineering Employers Federation, a UK manufacturers' organisation
  • European Ecological Federation, a group of European ecological organisations
  • European Educational Forum, a joint initiative of seven interuniversitary research schools in computer science.
  • European Entrepreneurship Foundation, a foundation fostering entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial culture
  • European Equestrian Forum, a federation of 40 countries which support a European influence in the global equestrian sport
  • Egyptian Expeditionary Force, a British and Commonwealth force in World War I
  • Egypt Exploration Fund, the original name of the Egypt Exploration Society
  • Early European farmers
  • Eef is the pseudonym for comic illustrator and writer Ethan Nicolle
  • Eef Barzelay, a singer/songwriter and lead vocalist of Clem Snide.
EEF (manufacturers' association)

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation is one of the UK’s largest sector-based employers’ organisations, serving as the voice of UK manufacturing and engineering and a leading provider of business support.

Through its network of regional offices in England, Wales and Brussels, EEF helps its thousands of member businesses to compete, innovate and grow through the provision of a range of services which include:

  • Policy and representation of the industry. Through its campaigning work EEF raises the profile and interests of UK manufacturing to government and in the media. It works closely with UK and European governments to influence and shape policies which are in the best interests of manufacturing whilst negotiating hard to reduce the legislative burdens that inhibit business agility.
  • Business advice, guidance and consultancy in the areas of HR and employment law, health and safety, environmental management, sustainability, productivity improvement and training which help keep manufacturers compliant, safe and efficient
  • Training and development designed to improve skills and business performance
  • Engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships and technical skills training

Usage examples of "eef".

In the States we will leave all the eediots in Paradise behind and eef you cannot 'ave children, no matter, we will adopt.

In the eighteenth century the young Westalls and their friendshad bets eef they were brave enough to jump across.

Finally eef any of them are foolish enough to want to marry me I tell them I cannot leave Keety, she do nothing wrong, it would be like throwing a freshwater fish into the sea.

Kip eet covered and eef the Spirit of Life is weeth heem, hee will recover somewhat.

End eef you wish to thenk me, stop cutting peepole up with those knives of yours.