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EEC (disambiguation)

EEC is the European Economic Community, a regional organisation that existed from 1958 to 1993.

EEC may also refer to:

  • Eurasian Economic Commission, the regulatory body of the Eurasian Economic Union
  • Eurasian Economic Community, an international organisation that existed from 1996 to 2014
  • Enterprise Electronics Corporation,a leading manufacturer of Doppler weather radars
  • Embodied Embedded Cognition, a position in cognitive science
  • East European Craton, the core of the Baltica proto-plate
  • Ford EEC, a series of engine control units that was designed and built by Ford Motor Company
  • Electronic engine control, an element of a full authority digital engine
  • European Energy Community, the former name for the Energy Community
  • Extended Error Correction, a RAM parity feature
  • Elliptic curve cryptography
  • Early childhood caries
  • Ectrodactyly–ectodermal dysplasia–cleft syndrome
  • Eenterovirulent Escherichia coli, a group of bacteria which comprise strains of related Escherichia coli