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Edscha Cabrio-Dachsysteme is an oem manufacturer of automobile convertible roof systems. The company is headquartered in Hengersberg, in Lower-Bavaria in Germany. Other locations include Pontiac near Detroit in the USA; Niagara Falls in Canada; Toluca in Mexico; Coventry in England; Les Ulis near Paris in France; Cantabria in Spain; Velky Meder in Slovakia; Regensburg in Germany; Shanghai in China; Yokohama in Japan and Togliatti in Russia.

Edscha Cabrio-Dachsysteme is one of the top three convertible producers worldwide. The company has manufactured convertible systems for vehicles ranging from the Jaguar XK; Audi A3, Peugeot 207CC; BMW 3-series VHT; Smart Fortwo and the Maybach Landaulet.

Edscha has pioneered innovations including the light weight roof of the BMW Z4 with a total weight of only 24 kg, the benchmark convertible for aerodynamics and aeroacoustics the BMW 6-series with a noise level of only 62dBA at 100 km/h, the true 4-seater convertible retractable hard top and the convertible top of the Mercedes-Benz SLR with a top speed of over 340 km/h.

Edscha has develooped convertible technologies such as the foam injected insulation (BMW 6-series and Rolls-Royce), the sandwich structured composite light weight material (Smart Roadster and BMW Z8), the sliding roof (Smart Roadster and Smart ForTwo), the finned styled softtop (BMW 6-series and Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder) as well as the first and only fully functioning anti-pinch system for convertibles in the world.

Edscha Cabrio-Dachsysteme belongs to Edscha AG, which is one of the top automotive suppliers in the world according to Automobile Produktion Magazine.

In February 2009, Edscha filed for insolvency. Edscha Cabrio-Dachsysteme was separated from the Edscha AG parent and integrated into Webasto AG as a convertible system division along with the Webasto's convertible department, thus forming Webasto-Edscha Cabrio. In 2016, the launch of production in Tolyatti, Russia