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EDR may refer to:

  • Election Day Registration, also known as "same-day voter registration"
  • Event Data Recorder, a device installed in automobiles, trucks, planes, locomotives, or ships to record crash data
  • EDR Desalination, an electrodialysis process
  • European Drawer Rack, a part of the International Space Station
  • European Depositary Receipt
  • Electrodermal response, a method of measuring the electrical resistance of the skin
  • Emergency Detour Route, a pre-established detour system for major highways in Ontario
  • Ems Dollart Region, an INTERREG-IV organisation on the Dutch/German Border
  • Enhanced Data Rate, a feature of the Bluetooth protocol
  • Equivalence of Direct Radiation, a standardized comparison method for space-heating radiators
  • Experimenterende Danske Radioamatører, an amateur radio organization in Denmark
  • Elio Di Rupo, the Prime Minister of Belgium since 6 December 2011
  • Écroulé De Rire, famous French expression meaning "lel", Blac created it in 2016