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EDN (magazine)

EDN is an electronics industry website and formerly a magazine owned by UBM Connect, a division of UBM Americas. The current editor-in-chief is Suzanne Deffree with editorial offices in San Francisco and New York. EDN magazine was published monthly, in April 2013 UBM announced it would cease publication of the print edition of the magazine after the June 2013 issue.


EDN may refer to:

  • Encyclop├ędie des Nuisances, a French magazine and publisher
  • EDN (magazine), an engineering magazine, originally called Electrical Design News
  • Endothelin, a chemical substance
  • Eden Park railway station, a British Railway station with the station code EDN
  • Earth Day Network, a coordinating body for Earth Day events
  • Enterprise Municipal Airport (Alabama) (FAA LID: EDN)
  • Equal Device Network, a device interconnection network
  • Europe of Nations Group (French abbreviation: EDN), a Eurosceptic political group with seats in the European Parliament 1994-96
    • Independents for a Europe of Nations (French abbreviation: I-EDN), successor to Europe of Nations
  • Extensible Data Notation, a file format based on the serializable parts of Clojure

Usage examples of "edn".

Not even the lowest class of Venusian street-walker dared come along the waterfronts of Ednes on the nights when the space-liners were not in.