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n. (plural of edifice English)

Usage examples of "edifices".

Below you spreads the city, which has less that is merely mean in it than any other city of our continent, and which is everywhere ennobled by stately civic edifices, adorned by tasteful churches, and skirted by full foliaged avenues of mansions and villas.

Again they noted the English solidity of the civic edifices, and already they had observed in the foreign population a difference from that at home.

The wooden building was easily distinguishable from the other edifices because these were tents and booths still less substantial.

Everywhere the city was growing out over the country, in blocks and detached edifices of limestone, sandstone, red and yellow brick, larger or smaller, of no more uniformity than our suburban dwellings, but never of their ugliness or lawless offensiveness.

The French philosopher comes before the Prussian prince at Sans Souci even in the palatial villa which expresses the wilful caprice of the great Frederick as few edifices have embodied the whims or tastes of their owners.

They were aware of gardened squares and avenues, bordered by stately dwellings, of dignified civic edifices, and of a vast arid splendid railroad station, such as the state builds even in minor European cities, but such as our paternal corporations have not yet given us anywhere in America.

Still, all these edifices and balls were as nothing compared with the vast substructures which strengthened their foundations.

Scaffolding was thrown up around many of the buildings, where cracked and slanting edifices were being dismantled, new stones laid to heal the decay.