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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Edh \Edh\, n. The name of the Anglo-Saxon letter [eth], capital form [Edh]. It is sounded as ``English th in a similar word: [=o][eth]er, other, d[^o][eth], doth.''


n. (alternative form of eth English)

Usage examples of "edh".

To them from afar, he said, had come Edh, of whose wonderworking all had heard.

They had well-nigh been swept away too, humbled, exalted, with the throng that lifted weapons and shouted as Edh walked back to the hall.

Maybe because of her beginnings, maybe because she had only brothers, Edh grew up a quiet, withdrawn child.

Thus, more and more as she changed from child to maiden, Edh could stray off by herself, over the heath till her moodiness blew from her.

So Edh grew toward womanhood, a tall, shy, slightly awkward girl with a gift for words when she chose to speak of things other than the everyday.

No sign of evil marked that day a sennight later when Edh and Heidhin strolled west to the shore.

Roman ship, Edh, it has to be, headed home from Kaupavik, and we came right in time to behold!

The daze was lifting from Edh, but unearthliness brimmed the hazel eyes.

They happened to see Edh and Heidhin on that lonely shore and seized an opportunity.

Leaning on his spear, Edh huddled at his feet, he shadowed her while the wind blew around them and the tree creaked like a gallows rope.