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n. (plural of edge English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: edge)

Edges (musical)

Edges (sometimes produced as Edges: A Song Cycle) is a work of musical theatre by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. It is a song cycle about coming of age, growth and self-discovery of people mostly in their 20s. Its most famous song, "Be My Friend", has come to be commonly known as the "Facebook song".

Usage examples of "edges".

I flung the warm shawl over her, and drew the edges tight around her neck, for I dreaded lest she should get some deadly chill from the night air, unclad as she was.

Then the men produced lengths of light rope and, running them through brass grommets in the canvas edges, began to lace the slices one to the next, as if they were making an unbroken crust over the weed pie beneath.

The tremendous canvas continued to belly and billow as it settled, and its eave edges fluttered quietly against the ground as the trapped air sighed out.

Her thighs were slightly apart, and she was aroused and invitingly open down there, and there peeked out dainty, glistening ruffles of soft pink, like the fluted edges of dew-damp petunia blossoms.

Westenra has got an idea that sleep-walkers always go out on roofs of houses and along the edges of cliffs and then get suddenly wakened and fall over with a despairing cry that echoes all over the place.

They are still open, and, if anything, larger than before, and the edges of them are faintly white.

There was no sign of disease, but the edges were white and worn looking, as if by some trituration.

I think I must have continued my wonder in my dreams, for, sleeping and waking my thoughts always came back to the little punctures in her throat and the ragged, exhausted appearance of their edges, tiny though they were.

He was dazed for a moment, but when he saw the sunlight streaming in through the edges of the shutters he thought he was late, and expressed his fear.

We all felt a glad sense of relief when we saw the Professor calmly restoring the strings of putty to the edges of the door.

Behind the rails of the balcony I saw there were some loose boards, whose raw edges looked white.

In many places, by the way, this surrounding road was built entirely out of blocks of stone, apparently with the object of supporting the edges of the pit and preventing falls of reef.

London dawn had come, the place was full of a chilly grey light that filtered round the edges of the window blinds.

Its fiery passage, striated with light, disclosed two sword blades, riveted, edges up along the top of the beam which I had striven to reach.

And to have the picture of our impression complete, you must bear in mind that we saw it all through a thick bent glass, distorting it as things are distorted by a lens, acute only in the centre of the picture, and very bright there, and towards the edges magnified and unreal.