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Edgars may refer to:

  • Edgars, New Jersey
  • Edgars, Ontario
  • The Edgar Awards for mystery fiction
  • Edgars, a department store chain in South Africa owned by Edcon Limited
Edgars (name)

Edgars is a Latvian masculine given name. It is the Latvian cognate of the English name Edgar and may refer to:

  • Edgars Bergs (born 1984), Latvian discus thrower and shot putter and Paralympic medalist
  • Edgars Burlakovs (born 1974), Latvian football midfielder
  • Edgars Bertuks (born 1985), Latvian orienteering competitor
  • Edgars Eriņš (born 1986), Latvian decathlete
  • Edgars Gauračs (born 1988), Latvian footballer
  • Edgars Jeromanovs (born 1986), Latvian basketball player
  • Edgars Lipsbergs (born 1989), Latvian ice hockey forward
  • Edgars Lūsiņš (born 1984), Latvian ice hockey goaltender
  • Edgars Maskalāns (born 1982), Latvian bobsledder
  • Edgars Masaļskis (born 1980), Latvian ice hockey goaltender
  • Edgars Piksons (born 1983), Latvian biathlete and Olympic competitor
  • Edgars Rinkēvičs (born 1973), Latvian politician and government official
  • Edgars Siksna (born 1993), Latvian ice hockey defenceman
  • Edgars Skuja (born 1966), Latvian diplomat
  • Edgars Zalāns (born 1967), Latvian politician and architect