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The Eder is a long major river in Germany that begins in eastern North Rhine-Westphalia and passes in to Hesse, where it confluences with the River Fulda.


Éder is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Éder dos Santos, Mexican footballer
  • Éder Aleixo de Assis, Brazilian international footballer, featured in 1982 World Cup
  • Éder (Italian footballer), Brazil born Italian international footballer, full name Éder Citadin Martins
  • Éder Gaúcho, (born 1977), Brazilian footballer (defender)
  • Éder Bonfim, Brazilian footballer
  • Éder Luiz Lima de Souza, Brazilian footballer
  • Éder (Portuguese footballer), born 1987 as Éderzito António Macedo Lopes
Éder (Italian footballer)

Éder Citadin Martins (born 15 November 1986), simply known as Éder, is a professional footballer, who plays as a striker for Italian club Internazionale, on loan from Sampdoria, and for the Italy national team.

He began his career with Brazilian club Criciúma, and moved to Italian club Empoli in 2005, spending the remainder of his career in the country.

Éder was born in Brazil and qualifies to play for Italy through more than five-years of residency. He made his debut in March 2015, and scored two goals in their successful qualification campaign for UEFA Euro 2016, also being selected for the final tournament.

Eder (disambiguation)

The Eder is a river in western Germany.

Eder may also refer to:

  • Eder (surname)
  • Éder (given name), Portuguese or Spanish given name
  • Eder, California, a community in the United States
Éder (Portuguese footballer)

Éderzito António Macedo Lopes, (born 22 December 1987 in Bissau), commonly known as Éder, is a Portuguese professional footballer who plays for French club Lille OSC as a forward.

He started playing professionally in 2008 with Académica, and signed for Braga four years later. Over the course of seven seasons, he amassed Primeira Liga totals of 143 games and 38 goals.

A Portuguese international since 2012, Éder represented the country at the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016, winning the latter tournament and scoring the only goal in the final.

Eder (Eggel)

Eder (Eggel) is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Eder (surname)

Eder is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfred Eder (born 1953), Austrian biathlete
  • Claudia Eder, German singer
  • Elfi Eder (born 1970), Austrian alpine skier
  • Franz Xaver Eder (1925–2013), German Roman Catholic bishop
  • Hans Eder (skier), Austrian Nordic skier
  • John Eder, American politician
  • Josef Maria Eder (1855–1944) Austrian chemist specialized in the chemistry of photography
  • Linda Eder, American singer and actress
  • Norbert Eder, German football player
  • Santiago Eder, Colombian sugar industry pioneer
  • Simon Eder (born 1983), Austrian biathlete
  • Sylvia Eder (born 1965), Austrian alpine skier

Usage examples of "eder".

At first Rendle did not recognize the lumpen shape that entered, even when Eder lit another candle.

Farmers threatened them when they rode over their fields, and Eder would disdainfully throw each of them a handful of coins.

Ever since reaching the border of Haxus, Rendle had been waiting for word from Eder, but none ever came.