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Usage examples of "eddre".

A fessup had little more volition than dust, yet fury pent in its eddre gave it strength.

One day - oh, she knew it in her eddre - Freyr would come blasting down into the depths of the pool to burn her for the intensity of her desires.

He drove the blade up under their rib cages, where he knew their eddre were.

If I discovered that you, for instance, had dared to enter her bedchamber to consort with her while we were in Gravabagalinien, then, notwithstanding our friendship, I would kill you without compunction, and hang your eddre from this tree.

They knew in their eddre that the time would come when they could seize and destroy the vessel.

Even those phagors who served in Asperamanka’s army were mowed down with no compunction, and their eddre strewn across the lands.