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Eddie or Eddy may refer to:

  • Eddy (surname), used by descendants of a number of English, Irish and Scottish families
  • Eddie (given name)
  • Eddy (fluid dynamics), the swirling of a fluid and the reverse current created when the fluid flows past an obstacle
Eddie (film)

Eddie is a 1996 comedy film starring Whoopi Goldberg and Frank Langella. The film barely broke even at the box office, grossing $31,387,164 in the US. The film was directed by Steve Rash.

Eddie (text editor)

Eddie is a text editor which was first released in 1997 for BeOS, and later ported to Linux and Mac OS X. It was written by Pavel Císler, formerly a senior developer at Be, who later worked for Eazel and currently works for Apple and continues to develop Eddie as his pet project, now on Mac OS X. Inspired by the classic Macintosh' Macintosh Programmer's Workshop editor, it is primarily intended for working with C and C++ development. However, Eddie supports syntax colouring for HTML, JavaScript, .kon/.widget, Perl, and many other formats. Eddie supports a Worksheet – provides a well-appointed shell that enables the power of bash and the convenience of editing in a normal text window mode.

Eddie (given name)

Eddie or Eddy is a diminutive for Edward, Edmund, Edgar, Edsel or Edwin. It is also occasionally used as a given name on its own and may refer to:

Eddie (crater)

Eddie Crater is a crater in the Elysium quadrangle of Mars at 12.3° north latitude and 217.9° west longitude. It is 89 km in diameter and was named after Lindsay Eddie, a South African astronomer (1845–1913).

Impact craters generally have a rim with ejecta around them, in contrast volcanic craters usually do not have a rim or ejecta deposits. As craters get larger (greater than 10 km in diameter) they usually have a central peak. The peak is caused by a rebound of the crater floor following the impact.

Image:Wikieddie.jpg|Eddie Crater, as seen by CTX camera (on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter). Image:Eddie Crater central peak.JPG| Eddie Crater central peak in Elysium quadrangle, as seen by HiRISE.

Eddie (soundtrack)

Eddie is the soundtrack to the 1996 film, Eddie. It was released on May 21, 1996 through Polygram Records and consisted of contemporary R&B and hip hop. The album peaked at 119 on the Billboard 200 and 44 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Two singles made it to the charts, "Say It Again" which was a minor hit on the R&B charts and both the successful hits " Tell Me", and " It's All the Way Live (Now)".

Eddie (Louie)

"Eddie" is the ninth episode of the second season of Louie. It first aired on the FX channel in the United States on August 11, 2011.

Eddie (book series)

The Eddie series is a book series written by Viveca Lärn (earlier Viveca Sundvall) about Eddie, a boy in early elementary school age in Sweden. The books are told from the he-perspective. The books were originally published between 1991 and 2001.

The books are spinoffs set in the same universe as the Mimmi series, and the main character Eddie is the brother of Mimmi's friend Anders.