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Edd, or EDD may refer to:

Usage examples of "edd".

Sam now is tickled to have Edd see the very prettiest girl who ever came to Cedar Ridge ride up on his horse.

She hurried to her room, conscious that again this Edd Denmeade had been forced upon her attention.

However, when Mertie heard from her mother that Edd had been seen back up on the Rim and would surely be caught in the storm, she gave vent to an excited concern.

Lucy felt that she and Edd Denmeade had something in common--a sister going the wrong way!

Her pride, not of family, but of personal attainments and consciousness of her power to rise above her station, precluded any romantic thought of Edd Denmeade.

Almost she felt sorry for Edd Denmeade It struck her that his friends and relatives must have some good reason for so unmercifully flaying him.

The girl Sadie seemed the instigator of this emphasis thrown upon Edd, and Sam ably seconded her.

The sudden scrape of boots and clank of spurs attested to the fact that Edd Denmeade had leaped to his feet.

Lucy found the thoughts Edd had roused running in her mind, not wholly unsatisfying.

Denmeade, nor reading over some half-forgotten treatises relative to her work, interested her to the point of dismissing Edd Denmeade from mind.

Lucy had in her room, and had gone about their work and play, Edd Denmeade presented himself at the door.

Lucy had finished her task for the afternoon and was waiting to be called to supper when again Edd appeared at the door.

Peering through the foliage, she espied Edd striding up the lane, leading two saddled horses.

Whatever she felt toward Edd Denmeade, she could not extend to these simple, impulsive people.

For Lucy could not blind herself to the fact that she was the star attraction of this dance, and that Edd had brought his rivals to a state of envy.