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a. 1 (label en quasi-adjective actually a noun used attributively) (abbreviation of edile lang=en nodot=yes) (gloss Italian for “building —” English). 2 (abbreviation of edited English) 3 (abbreviation of educated English) n. 1 (abbreviation of edilizia lang=en nodot=yes) (gloss Italian for “building” [the trade] English). 2 (abbreviation of edition English) 3 (abbreviation of editor English) 4 (abbreviation of education English)

Usage examples of "ed.".

Watson, assisted by his aforementioned associate Elijah Carey, and a plume hunter and moonshiner named Ed. Brewer.

Whatever his merits, Ed. Brewer was someone to be reckoned with, despite his humiliation at the hands of Watson.

All quotes, unless otherwise indicated, are from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Selected prose and poetry, ed. R.

You can do it just like anybody else, Ed. You come on along with me now.

According to Ed, a genetically mutated anthrax bacteria was added to the lilac ink.