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Ecto (album)

Ecto is the fourth album by American singer-songwriter Happy Rhodes, released in 1987.

Ecto (software)

ecto is a commercial weblog client for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. It allows one to compose and store blog entries on the local desktop computer, then upload them to a weblog host. ecto interacts with popular server software such as Blogger, Moveable Type, and WordPress, among others. The developer believes the additional flexibility of the desktop operating system allows the client to incorporate features lacking in web-based clients. For example, ecto incorporates spell checking, easy insertion of images, and text formatting. ecto employs the standard controls the operating system provides to all applications. It can also trackback to other blogs and add categories and tags to a blog entry. The Macintosh version integrates with iTunes and iPhoto.


Ecto may refer to:

  • "an ecto", colloquial abbreviation for an ectomorph body type in Somatotype and constitutional psychology
  • Ecto (album) is an album by songwriter Happy Rhodes
  • Ecto (software) is a weblog client for Macintosh and Windows
  • The rare crafting material Ecto from MMORPG Guild Wars