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ECN may refer to:

  • Eastern Counties Newspapers, a company now known as Archant
  • Eastman Color Negative, a photographic processing system for motion-picture films
  • Electrochemical noise, fluctuations of current and potential
  • Electronic communication network, a type of computerized financial trading system
  • Encoding Control Notation, a standard notation that allows the specification of custom encoding rules for ASN.1 types
  • Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (Energieonderzoek Centrum Nederland)
  • Engineering Change Notice, a form that records the details of an engineering change
  • Enhanced Capital Note, a debt instrument convertible into equity given certain trigger conditions
  • Environmental Change Network, a UK system for monitoring long-term environmental change
  • Ercan International Airport (IATA airport code), Cyprus
  • European Community number, an identifier for chemical substances for regulatory purposes in the European Union
  • European Competition Network, a network of competition authorities in the European Union
  • European Counter Network, a political provider
  • Explicit Congestion Notification, an extension to the Internet Protocol for network congestion avoidance
  • Former callsign of NEN (TV station) in Taree, New South Wales, Australia