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ECL may refer to:

In programming languages:

  • ECL programming language, an extensible programming language
  • ECL (data-centric programming language)
  • Embeddable Common Lisp, an implementation of the Lisp programming language

In other uses:

  • Eastern Colored League, a Negro League in the United States when professional baseball was segregated
  • Eastern Counties League, a football league in East Anglia, England
  • Ecolab, a sanitation supply company
  • École centrale de Lyon, a graduate engineering school in Lyon, France
  • Educational Community License, an open source license issued to academic institutions for otherwise copyrighted material
  • Emitter-coupled logic, an electronic logic family
  • Electrochemiluminescence, a kind of luminescence produced during electrochemical reactions in solutions
  • Enhanced Chemoluminescence
  • Enterochromaffin-like cell, a gastric cell
  • Exit Control List, a list of people prohibited from exiting Pakistan
  • Effective Character Level, a term from Dungeons and Dragons series of role-playing games
  • European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages, also known as the ECL Consortium
  • Enjoying Cabin Lifestyle, a relaxation methodology.
ECL (data-centric programming language)

ECL is a declarative, data centric programming language designed in 2000 to allow a team of programmers to process big data across a high performance computing cluster without the programmer being involved in many of the lower level, imperative decisions.

Usage examples of "ecl".

Culture cramming may be a foundational belief of obsessive parenting, but the ECLS data show no correlation between museum visits and test scores.