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n. (plural of echo English)


Echos ( Greek: "sound"; pl. echoi , Old Church Slavonic: "voice, sound") is the name in Byzantine music theory for a mode within the eight mode system ( oktoechos), each of them ruling several melody types, and it is used in the melodic and rhythmic composition of Byzantine chant ("thesis of the melos"), differentiated according to the chant genre and according to the performance style ("method of the thesis"). It is akin to a Western medieval tonus, an Andalusian tab', an Arab naġam (since 1400 " maqam"), or a Persian parde (since 18th century dastgah).

Echos (Lacrimosa album)

Echos is the eighth studio album by Switzerland-based Gothic rock band Lacrimosa. It features classically influenced Gothic-themed rock music. The title is German for "echoes". The record was released on 27 January 2003 by Hall Of Sermon.

Usage examples of "echos".

The reply was coming from some distance off, and the echos resounded from the nearby hills and crags.

We came on out, toward where the halo had to be, till we picked up the echos and found Janoort.

Ignoring the echos battering the inside of his skull, Celluci lowered the gun.