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a. (context of a sound English) That echoes.

Usage examples of "echoey".

The voice reverberated in the crawl space that led to the wings, whereupon it entered a heating vent and circulated around the building, growing distorted and echoey, until it rushed hotly out the grate at which Desdemona now crouched.

Fisher stayed away from the echoey darkness at the back of the cavern, and he avoided the blinding glare of daylight at the front.

The echoey sound of the rain hitting the fiberglass of the boat took over from the splash of it hitting the water.

Tunnel after echoey, endless tunnel, and the three of us pushing four luggage carts.

I saw how big the room was that the train was in and I heard how noisy and echoey it was, I had to kneel down on the ground for a bit because I thought I was going to fall over.

She blew through her nostrils and made echoey sounds in her throat, visualizing her body lifting and spinning, a rotation with every breath.

Alone in the dark and fog in front of the Foster house, seduced by the echoey cry of the regressives, he longed to exercise the control of his physical being that the Change had granted him.

His voice, despite an echoey, underwater quality, sounded much better.

He stepped inside, went up four steps to an echoey concrete landing, and noticed another stocky man in a dark suit, this one leaning against the wall next to where the stairs turned upward.

But one of the guys in black got up off his knees and crept up closer, and he translated everything in a flat, echoey voice.