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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eche \Ech"e\ ([=e]sh"e), a. or a. pron. Each. [Obs.]


Etymology 1

  1. (context obsolete English) eternal; everlasting. Etymology 2


  2. (context transitive obsolete English) To increase or enlarge.

Usage examples of "eche".

They were so well stored of biscuit, that for the space of halfe a yeere they might allow eche person in the whole fleete halfe a quintall every moneth, whereof the whole summe amounteth unto an hundreth thousand quintals.

Don Nicolas de Isla, Don Augustin de Mexia, who had eche of them thirty-two companies under their conduct.

The movement startled a large gray jay who had been pulling hairs out of my head, and he shot Lip into a ricarbv ' eching hysterically.