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ECH is a three-letter abbreviation or acronym which may represent

  • The Enhanced Combat Helmet (disambiguation), a name shared by two combat helmets
  • the erase character in the ANSI X3.64 character set
  • the IATA airport code for Echuca Airport, Echuca, Victoria, Australia
  • the Emergency Command Hologram on the Starship Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager
  • European Championships
  • Embedded contact homology in mathematics
  • Epichlorohydrin, a chemical compound
  • Enterprise Cultural Heritage, a company asset

Usage examples of "ech".

Butte yn ye season whenne ye mistletoe And holly hangeth hevye on ye bough, ech wrytes to ech a lettere of gude cheere, To telle hys friende whatte hym befel thatte yeare.

And they hym sworen his axyng, faire and weel, And hym of lordship and of mercy preyde, And he hem graunteth grace, and thus he seyde: "To speke of roial lynage and richesse, Though that she were a queene or a princesse, Ech of you bothe is worthy doutelees To wedden whan tyme is, but nathelees I speke as for my suster Emelye, For whom ye have this strif and jalousye: Ye woot yourself, she may nat wedden two Atones, though ye fighten everemo!

He nyste what he spak, but thus he seyde: With pitous herte his pleynt hath he bigonne Unto the goddes, and first unto the sonne He seyde, "Appollo, God and governour Of every plaunte, herbe, tree, and flour That yevest after thy declinacioun To ech of hem his tyme and his sesoun, As thyn herberwe chaungeth lowe or heighe, Lord Phebus, cast thy mericiable eighe On wrecche Aurelie, which that am but lorn.

Oure blissed lordes body they to-tere, Hem thoughte that Jewes rente hym noght ynough, And ech of hem at otheres synne lough.

And thus they been departed til amorwe, Whan ech of hem had leyd his feith to borwe.

Wel semed ech of hem a fair burgeys To sitten in a yeldehalle on a deys.

Honour commercio's energy yet aid the linkless proud, the plurable with everybody and ech with pal, this ernst of Allsap's ale halliday of roaring month with its two lunar eclipses and its three saturnine settings!