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EC (programming language)

eC (Ecere C) is an object-oriented programming language, defined as a super-set of the C language.

eC was initially developed as part of the Ecere Cross-platform Software Development Kit project.

The goals of the language are to provide object-oriented constructs, reflection, properties and dynamic modules on top of the C language while maintaining C compatibility and optimal native performance.

eC currently relies on GCC or Clang to perform the final steps of compilation, using C as an intermediate language. There are, however, plans to integrate directly with LLVM to skip the intermediate C files.

eC is available as part of the ecere-sdk package in Debian/ Ubuntu and other derived Linux distributions. A Windows installer also bundling MinGW-w64 is available from the main website. The free and open-source SDK including the eC compiler can also be built for a number of other platforms, including OS X, FreeBSD and Android.

It is also possible to deploy eC applications to the web by compiling them to JavaScript through Emscripten.