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EBW may refer to:

  • eBaum's World
  • Electron beam welding, a fusion welding process
  • Exploding bridgewire detonator, a device for detonating explosive charges
  • EBW, IATA airport code for the civil airport at Ebolowa in Cameroon
  • European Bike Week, an annual event held at the Faaker See in Carinthia, Austria for fans of motorbikes
  • Eisenbahnbewachungs GmbH (also known as "EBW cargo"), a private rail cargo company based in Dachau, Germany
  • Electric Book Works, a publishing consultancy in Cape Town, South Africa
EBW (rail company)

The EBW group was a rail industry company consisting of several individual companies. It was declared insolvent in January 2010.