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Eben is a name of Hebrew origin. It is sometimes short for Ebenezer.

The name can refer to:

Usage examples of "eben".

Do you want to go to town, while the rest of us are searching the swamps for the aeronaut, Eben?

Am Schiusse der Lokalerhebungen und als die Leiche eben zur Obduktion fortgebracht werden sollte, fiel es dem UR.

He had come north by the Leith packet, and, falling in with Eben Garnock in that port, had been set across the Firth in the summer night, and had reached his destination when the first cocks were crowing in the East Neuk farms.

Kellmann erwischte eben noch zur rechten Zeit Schollfeld hinten am Frackzipfel, der aufspringen und dem sich rasch entfernenden Weigel nach wollte.

Wo wir zur Eisenbahn kommen bin ich bekannt, und habe schon manchmal Vieh da gekauft, wenn sie auch eben meinen Namen nicht wissen, und wenn wir fortgehn, lasse ich einen alten Hut von mir und das gelbe Tuch von Dir unten an dem tiefen Wasserloch unter den Erlen.

Maybe you would eben disremember mah husband, but Ah sho is glad tuh have yuh in our midst.

What took the Chief Fisher in such haste down the Berwick shore, for Eben Garnock was a great man who did not stir himself except for a good purpose.

He leab money all obah his plaice I eben knows how to git into his safe whah he keep foldin money an silvah and eben gol.

Eben pulled back immediately and Althea, with a little cry of horror, jumped up off the bed.

Miss Althea had said so and nothing Eben Baxley might say could make it any different.

Alan led the way down Arapahoe through the blizzard to Eben Fine Park, the first conclusion he reached was that Kevin Quirk was an arrogant man.

Major Dougherty, Eben saw a number of white men dressed in the inevitable homespun trousers, shirts, waistcoats, and wide-brimmed floppy hats.

They left the turnpike for a road which followed a wide dyke, and which was so uneven that it shook Eben and Bob out of their slumbers.

Seine Hände klebten am Steuerknüppel, und so erfahren er war, dies war eben etwas anderes als ein Manöver.

EBEN HALE, Money Baron: Dear Sir,--Pursuant of our policy, with which we flatter ourselves you are already well versed, we beg to state that we shall give a passport from this Vale of Tears to Inspector Bying, with whom, because of our attentions, you have become so well acquainted.