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The abbreviation EBA may refer to:

  • Early Bronze Age
  • Eastern Basketball Alliance, American basketball league started in 1996
  • Eastern Basketball Association, defunct basketball league (1948–1970)
  • Elite Beat Agents, a video game for the Nintendo DS
  • Emergency Brake Assist, a vehicle management system
  • Emergency Banking Act, a banking relief act of the U.S. Congress during the Great Depression
  • Endemic Bird Area, a region of the world which contains two or more restricted range species of birds
  • English BMX Association, the former biking association, now part of British Cycling
  • Enlarged Board of Appeal, see Appeal procedure before the European Patent Office
  • Enterprise Bargaining Agreement, a collective industrial agreement
  • Ethoxybenzoic acid, chemical
  • Ethylene Butyl Acrylate, a copolymer of ethylene and butyl acrylate, used as a resin
  • Euro Banking Association, and the Clearing House managed by it
  • European Banking Authority, created in 2011 and responsible a.o. for stress-testing European banks
  • European Broadcasting Area
  • Everything but Arms Trade Agreement, an import duty initiative of the European Union
  • Exclusive buyer agent, a real estate firm representing the buyer in all transactions
  • Expanded bed adsorption, a chromatographic technique
  • Federal Railway Authority (Eisenbahn-Bundesamt) of Germany
  • Extrastriate body area, a region in the occipital cortex of the human brain
  • Extreme bounds analysis, a statistic methodology used in econometrics
  • the three-letter station code for Euxton Balshaw Lane railway station
  • Liga Española de Baloncesto Aficionado, commonly known as Liga EBA, a Spanish basketball minor league

Eba could also refer to:

  • Eba, an African food
  • An abbreviation of Elena Basescu's name used by her during the European parliament election campaign.
  • Eba, South Australia, a locality between Eudunda and Morgan
  • Mount Eba Station pastoral lease between Roxby Downs and Coober Pedy