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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Another leak stopper is a strip of rubberized material laid on the roof at the eaves.
▪ Every house seemed to have at least one, sometimes several, of the distinctive mud-baked nests under its eaves.
▪ Grass was growing inside it, and hornets, birds, and spiders were living in the eaves.
▪ It grew quickly, putting six fairly large eaves on the water surface - but the Kissers ignored them.
▪ Outside, bigger, rougher rocks were piled up to the eaves, with scant little chinks left for doorways and windows.
▪ The technical skill of the house martin enables it to construct gravity-defying mud nests beneath the eaves of houses.
▪ Thousands of them have set up home in the eaves of this house in Banbury.
▪ Window eaves and roof gutters curve in organic efficiency rather than follow a mechanical right angle.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eaves \Eaves\, n. pl. [OE. evese, pl. eveses, AS. efese eaves, brim, brink; akin to OHG. obisa, opasa, porch, hall, MHG. obse eaves, Icel. ups, Goth. ubizwa porch; cf. Icel. upsar-dropi, OSw. ops["a]-drup water dropping from the eaves. Probably from the root of E. over. The s of eaves is in English regarded as a plural ending, though not so in Saxon. See Over, and cf. Eavesdrop.]

  1. (Arch.) The edges or lower borders of the roof of a building, which overhang the walls, and cast off the water that falls on the roof.

  2. Brow; ridge. [Obs.] ``Eaves of the hill.''

  3. Eyelids or eyelashes. And closing eaves of wearied eyes. --Tennyson. Eaves board (Arch.), an arris fillet, or a thick board with a feather edge, nailed across the rafters at the eaves of a building, to raise the lower course of slates a little, or to receive the lowest course of tiles; -- called also eaves catch and eaves lath. Eaves channel, Eaves gutter, Eaves trough. Same as Gutter, 1. Eaves molding (Arch.), a molding immediately below the eaves, acting as a cornice or part of a cornice. Eaves swallow (Zo["o]l.).

    1. The cliff swallow; -- so called from its habit of building retort-shaped nests of mud under the eaves of buildings. See Cliff swallow, under Cliff.

    2. The European swallow.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see eave.


n. The underside of a roof that extends beyond the external walls of a building


n. the overhang at the lower edge of a roof


The eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of a wall and, normally, project beyond the side of a building. The eaves form an overhang to throw water clear of the walls and may be highly decorated as part of an architectural style; such as the Chinese dougong bracket systems.

Eaves (surname)

Eaves, Eves or Eave as a surname may refer to:

  • Connie Eaves, biologist
  • Dan Eaves, racing car driver
  • Dashiell Eaves, American actor
  • Elisabeth Eaves, author
  • Elsie Eaves, engineer
  • Hubert Eaves III, musician
  • Patrick Eaves, ice hockey player
  • Tom Eaves (born 1992), English football player
  • Wilberforce Eaves, tennis player
  • Gary Eave, baseball player
  • Eve, biblical character
  • Ernie Eves, Canadian Premier
  • Howard Eves, mathematician
Eaves (disambiguation)

Eaves may refer to:

  • Eaves, the edges of a roof
  • Eaves (surname), a surname
  • Eaves, Lancashire, a place in England, United Kingdom
  • Eaves (Empire Avenue), a virtual currency on Empire Avenue
  • Eaves for Women, an anti-sex trafficking charity based in the United Kingdom

Usage examples of "eaves".

 The small room under the eaves held a cloistered ambience, offering warm sanctuary from the storm outside, hermitage, as well, from the fashionable beau monde and all the obstacles and impediments that world could impose.

Bird-shaped lamps hung from the eaves, rocking in the breezes, their glass tinted in Argali colors, rose, gold, and green.

In each I could hear the arthritic creaking of the attic rafters as the wind pushed at the gables and pounded on the roof and pried at the eaves.

After easing the gelding through the carriage gate, Cerryl tied his mount to a hitching post under the overhanging front eaves of the stable and dismounted.

Dropping to her knees on the thatch, she scrambles down to where the cable runs over the eaves and backs up along it, scattering sweetener.

Only now does he seem to perceive Cory, back in the shadow of the eaves beside Kip.

At that instant a night-caller chirrs loudly from the eaves right above them.

While Ochter speaks, Baram has been staring beyond him to where Linnix sits beneath the eaves with Cory and Kip.

Trying to focus only on Ochter, he nevertheless half sees a small cartwheel of flying limbs that dives headfirst around the eaves, ending as a kicking something dangling from the drain.

Long enough for him to glance toward the frozen forms of Kip and Cory beneath the eaves and recall that for them this sequence does not exist.

The projecting ends of the roof-beams under the eaves are either elaborately carved, lacquered in dull red, or covered with copper, as are the joints of the beams.

Tea-houses are of all grades, from the three-storied erections, gay with flags and lanterns, in the great cities and at places of popular resort, down to the road-side tea-house, as represented in the engraving, with three or four lounges of dark-coloured wood under its eaves, usually occupied by naked coolies in all attitudes of easiness and repose.

They are slightly concave, and the joints are covered by others quite convex, which come down like massive tubes from the ridge pole, and terminate at the eaves with discs on which the Tokugawa badge is emblazoned in gold, as it is everywhere on these shrines where it would not be quite out of keeping.

The village consists of two short streets, 8 feet wide composed entirely of yadoyas of various grades, with a picturesquely varied frontage of deep eaves, graceful balconies, rows of Chinese lanterns, and open lower fronts.

On this being remedied I sat down to write, but was soon driven upon the balcony, under the eaves, by myriads of fleas, which hopped out of the mats as sandhoppers do out of the sea sand, and even in the balcony, hopped over my letter.