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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a big eater/drinker/spender etc
▪ Des is a big gambler, you know.
picky eater
▪ He’s a very picky eater.
▪ While never a big eater, he did tend to snack it through the day and night.
▪ One thing is clear: Daily News readers are big bagel eaters.
▪ My husband is not a big dessert eater, and the only dessert he will order is a Snickersbar cake.
▪ During the time she was living with the Abramses, Katelyn was happy and a big eater, Carter said.
▪ These were meat eaters who admitted to not caring about their intake of salt, sugar, caffeine or calories.
▪ They love poetry, and their food, for both vegetarians and meat eaters, is delicious.
▪ The size of the fish, particularly the meat eaters, means a lot of waste will be produced.
▪ However, it's not only meat eaters who are at risk, as E.coli spreads easily from meat to other foods.
▪ Now when I was with Julian, my second husband, I was a great meat eater.
▪ I can not find much information on these fish, I only know they are meat eaters, and will grow big.
a light smoker/drinker/eater etc
▪ And Tim I thought the sausage eaters stuff was hilarious.
▪ I had been resisting the whole idea of focus groups-when you went out and talked to pickle eaters.
▪ If you are not a regular eater of such food, insist firmly that the chilli content is severely reduced.
▪ My husband is not a big dessert eater, and the only dessert he will order is a Snickersbar cake.
▪ One thing is clear: Daily News readers are big bagel eaters.
▪ The eaters were lo-cals; they looked us up and down when we went in.
▪ These three are fairly trouble free eaters, also suitable for planting in any district.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eater \Eat"er\ ([=e]t"[~e]r), n. One who, or that which, eats.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Old English etere "one who eats," especially a servant or retainer, agent noun from eat (v.)). From 17c. in compounds with various objects or substances eaten.


n. 1 agent noun of eat; one who eats. 2 An eating apple. 3 One who performs fellatio or cunnilingus.

  1. n. someone who consumes food for nourishment [syn: feeder]

  2. any green goods that are good to eat; "these apples are good eaters"

Eater (band)

Eater were an early British punk band from London who took their name from a Marc Bolan lyric. In 2001, the band’s second single, "Thinking of the USA" (originally released in June 1977), was included in a leading British music magazine’s list of the best punk-rock singles of all time. In 1999, the track also appeared on the five-CD box set 1-2-3-4: A History of Punk & New Wave ( MCA Records/ Universal Music Group).

Eater (novel)

Eater is a hard science fiction novel by Gregory Benford. It was published in May 2000 by Eos. Heavy on the physics information, Eater describes humankind's encounter with a cosmic intelligence that comes in the form of a small black hole.

Eater (Fear Itself)

Eater is the fifth episode of the NBC horror anthology Fear Itself, similar to the 2001 episode of the UK's Channel 5 Urban Gothic of the same name. Both are based on the Peter Crowther short story of the same name.


Eater may refer to:

  • Eater (band), an English punk rock group
  • "Eater" (Fear Itself), a 2008 episode of the NBC television horror anthology Fear Itself
  • Eater (novel), a 2000 science fiction novel by Gregory Benford

Usage examples of "eater".

Coelurosaurs were small, bipedal meat eaters with narrow skulls and large eyes, long arms with grasping hands, and slender hind legs.

The small ship would be blinked directly into the mass of the Eater, the effect of that, in itself, destructive.

Boulevard de la Croisette, other eaters and drinkers had left their restaurants and cafes and were beginning to pack the pavements again.

In fact, Nicely-Nicely says he can tell at once from the way Joel Duffle talks that he is a dangerous opponent, and he says while Miss Violette Shumberger impresses him as an improving eater, he is only sorry she does not have more seasoning.

Joel Duffle is one of these rough-and-tumble eaters that you can hear quite a distance off, especially on clams and soups.

Dark Lord, perhaps you think that Dumbledore would not have noticed if I had joined forces with the Death Eaters to fight the Order of the Phoenix?

Now, with the Eater contained and virtually forgotten, the shifting worlds of Ephemera have been kept stable by the magic of the Landscapers.

Eater of the World set free in Ephemera, that this thing they fear cannot be destroyed completely because It was manifested from the darkest desires of their own hearts?

We came from lands all across Ephemera to fight the Eater of the World, but now that the world has become a confusion of shuffled, broken pieces, we can no longer find the places we called home.

Although I do not consider myself a faddy eater, I was unhappy at the prospect of eating in a restaurant which was unknown to me.

Movement stirred in the corner as Eater entered, with a rasping hiss of scales and fur, of uncoiling neck and unfolding feeder arms.

At its back, Eater edged into the room, beamer in one of its feeder hands.

This was a messy Eater, gobbling up satellites and leaving twinkling motes.

The glare of their black eyes was like those of Eastern eaters of hasheesh or opium, and they bounded to and fro as if their muscles were springs of steel.

He was young, marked with the small-pox, a greedy eater, a loud talker, laughing and speaking at random, and altogether I took him for a servant in disguise.