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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eastward \East"ward\, Eastwards \East"wards\, adv. Toward the east; in the direction of east from some point or place; as, New Haven lies eastward from New York.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also eastwards, Old English eastwearde; see east + -ward. As an adjective mid-15c., from the adverb.


a. Situated or directed towards the east. adv. Towards the east. n. The direction or area lying to the east.

  1. adj. moving toward the east; "eastbound trains" [syn: eastbound]

  2. adv. toward the east; "they migrated eastward to Sweden" [syn: eastwards]

Eastward (song)

"Eastward" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Billie Hughes and originally recorded by Hughes's band, Lazarus, for their 1971 self-titled debut album on Bearsville Records. In 1974, The Lettermen covered and released "Eastward" as a single, reaching #16 on the Billboard US Adult Contemporary chart.

Eastward (Montclair, New Jersey)

Eastward, also known as the Debiak House, is located in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey, United States. The house was built in 1902 and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 1, 1988.

It was designed by architect A.F. Norris. The house was featured in Scientific American building edition.

Eastward (disambiguation)

Eastward is an adjective meaning "movement towards the east".

Eastward may also refer to:

  • Eastward (Montclair, New Jersey), historical building erected in 1902
  • Eastward (song), 1972 song by American singer-songwriter Billie Hughes

Usage examples of "eastward".

A river so-called, really a brook, the Ancre, runs at the foot of the slope and turns eastward beyond Thiepval, where a ridge called Crucifix Ridge north-east of the village takes its name from a Christ with outstretched arms visible for many miles around.

Thus the island, with a clear run eastward all the way to Beachy Head and Dover, gave the best chance of bearing down on invaders wherever they landed.

God breathes spirit into the bones, and Berel Jastrow turns eastward and goes home.

Lolling sideways in his saddle, for several minutes he scanned the yellow-brown ramparts of the Amarillos rising rugged and ragged against the blue sky twenty miles to eastward.

General Quarters for another couple of hours while other bogies approached but did not attack, and then pointed her bow eastward away from Luzon and the Philippines.

Attacks from enemy bases to the eastward, particularly from Havre, were warded off, and in the west an Allied naval bombarding squadron co-operated later with the American Army in the capture of Cherbourg.

We were still some three or four miles eastward of the trail, and after breakfasting and changing mounts we roused the cattle and started on an angle for the trail, expecting to intercept it before noon.

Hastings had decided that we should first go to the eastward, so as to make what we sailors call a circumbendibus, which would keep us out of the general track.

Whistling tunelessly as the sailors aboard the Darielle had done, they stared fixedly ahead or eastward, fingering amulets and making warding gestures in the direction they dared not look.

Worcester sent the Dryad away for Medina, called the Polyphemus in and stood eastward with her, the breeze abating with the close of day.

For a few beats of a heart it drifted, then began to sink earthward and eastward, heading for the red-bannered tents upon the ridge.

Certain that the powerful merchant would soon try to physically seize the ship, Abdullah went directly aboard her and saw her sailed some two leagues eastward along the coast to be anchored in a hidden bay near the estancia of a friend from the expeditions in Mexico.

The leak gained on them as the oakum of the first successful fothering worked through the leak, and the passing of a new sail was a slow, exhausting business that had little evident result: the Leopard drove eastward and a little south under small sail in a rising wind, pumping day and night.

Look steadily to the eastward of that second dike and you will see the pink light upon the sands, which baffled every one until our friend Hamel came and caught it on his canvas.

On either side of him rose the backward-sloping walls of the outer precinct, forming a kind of funnel down which the paved roadway led eastward from the gate itself to the junction, outside the city, of the highways from Thettit-Tonilda and Ikat Yeldashay.