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n. (context US English) The east side of a district or city


adj. of the eastern part of a city e.g. Manhattan; "the eastside silk-stocking district"

Eastside (King County, Washington)

Eastside is to the right (east) of Seattle.

  1. rough city boundaries

poly 137 256 148 256 158 194 172 179 172 237 212 266 133 266 Renton poly 140 122 140 150 138 156 155 195 172 180 175 215 207 220 208 187 221 135 185 122 Bellevue rect 104 0 135 20 Kenmore rect 87 10 103 38 Lake Forest Park rect 134 53 173 118 Kirkland rect 110 165 145 230 Mercer Island rect 30 20 71 34 Shoreline rect 165 0 235 50 Woodinville rect 174 60 217 135 Redmond

  1. redmond watershed

rect 238 51 248 72 Redmond rect 226 203 247 240 Issaquah rect 215 114 248 199 Sammamish rect 122 125 135 150 Medina rect 41 238 133 266 Tukwila

  1. informational "i" at bottom left

desc bottom-left The Eastside, in the context of the King County, Washington, United States area, is a collective term for the suburbs of Seattle located on the east side of Lake Washington. In this context, Westside is synonymous with Seattle. In Washington State more broadly, the term Eastside refers to the part of the state east of the passes over the Cascade Mountains, which can be a source of confusion since all of King County lies to the west of the Cascades.

There is no formal definition of the Eastside and the exact cities and towns that comprise the Eastside are a matter of dispute. The following cities are included in most definitions: Bellevue, Issaquah, Kirkland, Newcastle, Mercer Island, and Redmond. Sammamish is most often grouped with these core cities, so that all of the cities and towns between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, as well as the Sammamish Plateau, are included within the Eastside.

The incorporated neighborhoods west of Bellevue, collectively known as the Gold Coast, are usually considered part of the Eastside. These areas include Beaux Arts Village, Clyde Hill, Hunts Point, Medina, and Yarrow Point.

The Northshore cities of Kenmore, Bothell, and Woodinville may be considered part of the Eastside, as each city contains portions that are east of the lake and south of its northernmost tip. Similarly, on the southeast tip of Lake Washington, Renton may also be included.

The most expansive definitions of the Eastside can include one or more of the incorporated cities in the Snoqualmie Valley, including Duvall, Carnation, Fall City, North Bend, and Snoqualmie.

In politics, the area is sometimes referred to as the "suburban crescent".

Usage examples of "eastside".

Lord Magistrate of Eastside, who had passed the whole affair on to the palace.

Then Inza had gotten herself apprenticed to a warlock, old Luris the Black, down on Wizard Street in Eastside, and after that she never had time to so much as say hello to her old friends.

Wizard Street turns south and makes a long detour, through Morningside and Eastside, before it comes back north through Midway to Grandgate.

Lord Magistrate of Eastside, who had passed the whole affair on to the Palace.

Then, positioning his boots in the stirrups at the base of the eastside focusing ring, he fastened it to the garnet bolt and pulled.

Both buildings are on a prime chunk of land on the Eastside shore of the Upwerdd, with a decent view of the Bay and the Statue of Franchise perched on her rock at the tip of Hightown.

It could buy us out of a Lowtown cheese factory into a nice little office in a shady part of Eastside, maybe, with a Bay view and an elvish secretary with bazoombahs you could ski down.

Frank replied as he happily watched the Eastside riverbank scooting by.

The Statue of Franchise stood on her rock at the point of Hightown, as proud as a pennywhistle, but we stayed close to the Eastside shore, where the sparse cottages and meager yards competed for space with the ever-growing menace of commercial docks, sweatshops and polluted air.

The Eastside scenery got drabber and less pathetically pretentious the further we pushed along the coast.

At some arbitrary point, this decline in standards led to Eastside becoming Knaves.

We crossed the Ordinary Bridge into Eastside and I found Moorcock, a leafy little avenue which ran the length of Eastside into Knaves.

And all across Eastside, there were tiny little lights illuminating the lives of tiny little people living tiny little City lives and Gaylord, the god of Useless Queries, knows what sort of throats were being cut under those lights right then and there.

Upwerdd River in the north precincts of Eastside, not far from Watchhouse One.

Which was fine, until we got to the Eastside end of the bridge and Tony flicked the Phudd back over.