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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Easting \East"ing\, n. (Naut. & Surv.) The distance measured toward the east between two meridians drawn through the extremities of a course; distance of departure eastward made by a vessel.


n. 1 (context cartography English) The distance east of a standard reference meridian. 2 (context nautical English) A distance traveled eastward.

Usage examples of "easting".

Torquasso would be on power, with kites folded, to make easting during this calm.

At dawn they caught the steady push of the trades and Mungo brought her round on to a more southerly heading, close-hauled to make good their eastings before running for the bulge of Agulhas with the wind on the beam.

The location grid was calibrated in standard units for easting and northing, with the superimposed vernier scale throwing everything out of focus except the correct reading.