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The Collaborative International Dictionary

easing \easing\ n.

  1. a change for the better.

    Syn: moderation, relief.

  2. the act of reducing something unpleasant, such as pain.

    Syn: alleviation, relief.


n. The act by which something is eased. vb. (present participle of ease English)

  1. n. a change for the better [syn: moderation, relief]

  2. the act of reducing something unpleasant (as pain or annoyance); "he asked the nurse for relief from the constant pain" [syn: easement, alleviation, relief]

Usage examples of "easing".

The smith straightened his legs, easing himself up in the saddle, prompting another set of arm-windmills by Weryl.

In the common room, Ayrlyn was breaking off a number of chunks of dried meat and easing them into the iron kettle that hung over the hearth.

After easing Weryl onto the side closest the fire, he stretched out, glad to get the weight off his feet and buttocks.

The messenger followed them, just far enough that Fornal could see the youth had carried out his orders, before easing into the column behind the lead riders.

Nylan turned his mount, easing her into a fast walk, resisting the temptation to trot or canter.

Nylan said, one hand massaging the back of his neck, hoping that easing the tightness would help his headache.

He made no protest when I went to aid him with it, easing out the tangles.

Cerryl nodded and began to raise chaos, careful to keep it around him but well away from his body, easing it from the earth, careful to match what Anya mustered.

Even as he channeled more chaos beneath the tower, he also sought a stream of water, easing it edging from the levels below the rock toward the chaos he built, forcing them together, more and more tightly.

Then, Cerryl took a moment to drink the remainder of the lukewarm cider from the pitcher and slip two apples from the bowl into his tunic before easing toward the door beside the hearth.

Cerryl slipped the glass into the saddlebag and remounted, easing the gelding up beside Hiser and riding beside the young subofficer to the head of the column headed back to the southeast.

After easing the gelding through the carriage gate, Cerryl tied his mount to a hitching post under the overhanging front eaves of the stable and dismounted.

Cerryl was glad to comply, easing off his boots and stretching out on the green coverlet.

Somewhat to his surprise, India did as she was told, easing herself deeply under the covers until she was chin deep in their folds.

The glass in her hand was cool, and she held it against her temple for a moment, easing the growing ache just behind her eye.