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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
be easily/readily/freely available (=easy to get)
▪ The material used was cheap and readily available.
breathe easily
▪ Make sure the injured person can breathe easily.
can easily imagine
▪ I can easily imagine how frightening the accident must have been.
clearly/easily/readily distinguishable
▪ The cheese is easily distinguishable by its colour.
cope easily
▪ The exam was tough but she coped easily.
could easily (=would be likely to)
▪ A faulty connection could easily cause a fire.
easily accessible
▪ There is a church which is easily accessible from my home.
easily beat sb
▪ Jason easily beats me at chess every time we play.
easily bored
▪ Teenagers are easily bored in the holidays.
easily led (=it is easy for other people to persuade him to do things that he should not do)
▪ He’s not a bad boy. He’s just easily led.
easily offended
▪ radio listeners who are easily offended
easily persuaded
▪ He was fairly easily persuaded.
easily the best
▪ The series was easily the best TV drama this year.
easily the most
▪ A recent study showed that gardening is easily the most popular activity among the over 50s.
easily visible
▪ By July 26, Mercury should be easily visible in the evening sky.
▪ Chavez won the election easily.
easily/lightly (=without much thought)
▪ This is a question that cannot be dismissed lightly.
easily/readily accessible
▪ Computers should be made readily accessible to teachers and pupils.
give up...easily
▪ You shouldn’t give up so easily.
let sb off lightly/easily (=give someone a less serious punishment than they deserve)
▪ I think young criminals are let off far too lightly.
might easily (=it is likely)
▪ One of the guards might easily panic and shoot someone .
▪ The Shoctector has an easily accessible Test/Reset button to give you additional peace of mind each time you use it.
▪ Stax in Memphis was initially white-owned, easily accessible to outsiders, filled with leaders of all kinds.
▪ Sharing can be through meetings and conferences, but a written report is obviously more easily accessible to others.
▪ And even there when I tugged at lashings which were easily accessible, they too snapped.
▪ It is all fun and all the venues are easily accessible.
▪ This complementary pair of colors is easily accessible in cyclamen, poinsettias and berrying plants.
▪ There should be a proper waiting room, with chairs, magazines to read and cloakroom facilities easily accessible.
▪ Wraps growing popularity makes them easily accessible.
▪ Information on services easily available. 9.
▪ And opportunities to bet on the stock market have become far more easily available.
▪ It made the annual holiday more easily available to millions.
▪ When they become rich and prominent, they find women easily available.
▪ Clearly, this must be the case so long as it remains the only easily available platform for interactive multimedia.
▪ Acceptable use policies of non-ISPs are published and are usually easily available in the network information service centers of the target network.
▪ If you don't know the frequency of services and current fares make sure that this information is easily available.
▪ The I-way makes this practice more affordable and easily available to a number of small firms.
▪ Streetwise keeps students' motivation strong ... Teenage students at intermediate level can easily become bored and frustrated.
▪ One can easily become disenchanted with over-professionalized people who are undoubtedly unworthy when subjected to the judgment of more reflective scholars.
▪ Constant activity can easily become an ineffectual nervous twitch.
▪ The meat can easily become dry and stringy although, when cooked properly, they are extremely flavorful.
▪ Relatives need help with grieving, for past relationships in the family can easily become crystallised at death.
▪ And we need to warn them that the words they are using can very easily become fighting words.
▪ They can easily become workaholics, name droppers, gossips and braggarts.
▪ There is, in fact, so much to see here that a traveler can easily become overwhelmed.
▪ Act 2, Scene 4 Comment Isabella can very easily come across as a prig.
▪ Though I hardly seemed qualified to write a book about a twenty-year marriage, the novel came easily.
▪ Basil was not a great public speaker but what came through was all the more effective because it had not come easily.
▪ Revision comes easily to young children.
▪ She watched as his eyes fell to her mouth and knew what could so easily come next.
▪ Such calculations will never come easily.
▪ Effort and application were not needed in the first instance and did not come easily when the need arose.
▪ As with many gifted people, a moment came when Fanshawe was no longer satisfied with doing what came easily to him.
▪ It is in a villa which you will easily find because it is near the river.
▪ References to glossolalia are to be found easily.
▪ Anne knew Nina could easily find a place to kill herself in private.
▪ Post-job employees are going to need a much more flexible organization to work in than they can easily find today.
▪ In New York, the board could easily find allies.
▪ Most will easily find something to please the palate at a moderate price.
▪ Certainly they could easily find themselves short of energy amid plenty.
▪ Improved form-filling software lets you easily find lines in a form.
▪ It is usually simplest if a washing machine can go next to the sink, but it can easily fit in other places.
▪ But a little beef now and then can easily fit in a well-balanced diet.
▪ Yet, overlapping is inevitable whenever risk categories fit easily into more than one compartment.
▪ Our own children have not seen much evidence that women can easily fit a career around a marriage and motherhood.
▪ They housed children who could not find foster parents or who were too old to fit easily into a new family environment.
▪ Teacher Song, a slender man, fit easily into the crawl space.
▪ Range Rover diffs will fit easily but, with a worn engine, will probably make the consumption worse than it is.
▪ They may seem a lot, but in fact they fit easily into a single bag.
▪ The style was international, eclectic, easily identified, but almost impossible to define.
▪ A chimpanzee is an easy recipient for human projections since humans can easily identify with the emotional expressions of chimpanzees.
▪ Although section area and orientation differed among the tissue blocks, the epithelium and lamina propria were easily identified.
▪ The upper level was diagnosed by the columnar-squamous epithelial border, which was always easily identified.
▪ However it is easily identified by the large black blotch that covers a large proportion of its upper body and dorsal fin.
▪ Of course, I am more easily identified and more distinctive, if not distinguished, than most authors.
▪ Many potential purchasers can be easily identified with minimum cost using research.
▪ This society seemed self-contained; those who felt exploited could easily identify the enemy - the landlord or money lender.
▪ It could only too easily lead to acquiescence in the evil done by the powers of this world.
▪ The talented people who make up Great Groups are not easily led.
▪ The arrival of a bailiff can easily lead to confrontation, and most people don't know their rights.
▪ We are so easily led to pernicious solutions.
▪ Often clients of licensed dealers who were genuinely interested in options would be easily led into warrants.
▪ This can easily lead to the impression that it is a scholarly work of only archival interest.
▪ This double area of control can easily lead to the blurring of the job surveyor's responsibilities.
▪ But combinations of other controls which are viewed benignly may very easily lead to similar effects.
▪ Departments, moreover, are not easily moved in new directions by the outsiders that presidents set over them.
▪ By their nature, atoms can not be easily moved, changed or copied.
▪ Solid, rock like, you don't move easily and you take things slowly but surely.
▪ His community orientation varies from small communities to regional and national units, and he moves easily from one to another.
▪ Both wheels move easily, their large diameter giving plenty of turning moment.
▪ Up ahead the two live bears moved easily in the dusk.
▪ Spider riders can move easily through woods and forests, scuttling over the treetops and through the dense foliage.
▪ And students would be allowed to move easily among career areas.
▪ It is easily reached by car, train or boat.
▪ Some like Las Fuentes were easily reached and took advantage of previous ventures.
▪ In this procedure part of a gene from the target organism is amplified many millions of times to reach easily detectable levels.
▪ Both these and the other attractions can be easily reached from our bases in Kissimmee and Orlando.
▪ So when you fit them, make sure they can be reached easily.
▪ Can the taps be easily reached?
▪ Fuschl is the closest of all our resorts to Salzburg, which is easily reached by a regular bus service.
▪ Within these two sentences, the situation is easily understood and explained.
▪ If this problem were easily understood or amenable to fast solutions, there would be few work-inhibited students.
▪ Bosses still had to be bosses when the occasion required but that was understood easily and early.
▪ What is happening is most easily understood in terms of the wave picture of light.
▪ From a wave point of view this is easily understood.
▪ Meteor Crater is easily understood as the result of a surface impact of a body bearing about fifteen megatons of energy.
▪ Reality is sometimes too complex to understand easily.
▪ The modern trial is a contest in which justice is defined in easily understood, monetary terms-dollars.
▪ Although this wins easily, 29 e3! is considerably more murderous.
▪ After all, President Reagan easily won support for his big tax cut in 1981 from a Democratic-controlled Congress.
▪ Starting at 14-1 and not expected to be fully fit after his long lay-off, he won easily.
▪ Martin Kennelly won easily, ending fourteen years of steady employment for Ed Kelly.
▪ Whitney easily won the summer election in 1908, and Beck was returned with a huge majority.
▪ If only more people could meet him and see how nice he is, say his managers, we would win easily.
▪ Johnson easily won the 400, then came back three days later to obliterate the record in the 200.
come easily/naturally (to sb)
▪ Acting has always come naturally to her.
▪ Change doesn't always come easily.
▪ For many of us, communicating openly and sympathetically does not come naturally.
▪ For many students, the decision to study science came naturally because of family interests.
▪ Realism, though humanly exacting, is technically what comes naturally.
▪ Swimming comes naturally to a fish.
▪ The role doesn't come naturally to either Bush or Gore.
▪ Though I hardly seemed qualified to write a book about a twenty-year marriage, the novel came easily.
▪ Whether you are graced appears to be at least partly a matter of temperament, Fowers notes: It comes naturally.
▪ You will probably find that this comes naturally and that you are happier and more confident than you thought you would be.
not sit well/easily/comfortably (with sb)
▪ Certainly, such views as these do not sit comfortably with managerialism and are equally at odds with restricted professionality.
▪ He had never before been accused of stealing and it did not sit well with him.
▪ One might think a hockey fan would not sit easily at a sewing machine piecing together patches for a quilt.
▪ The adornment, thought Eloise smugly, would not sit well amidst so much blubber.
▪ The closures, which began late last month, does not sit well with many of the regulars.
▪ The populist vision of a peasant landholding democracy does not sit easily with alternative visions of women's rights.
▪ The volatility and their non-guaranteed status do not sit comfortably with the official line linking the two benefits.
▪ This conviction did not sit well either with regimental soldiering or with Whitehall.
sb can breathe easy/easily
scare easily
▪ Being a police officer isn't a job for someone who scares easily.
▪ I'll go down and see what that noise was. I don't scare easily you know.
▪ I don't think I scare easily, but I sure as hell scared myself that weekend.
▪ When Glass bought his house, the area where he lives was full of crack dealers so he does not scare easily.
▪ A burglar could easily climb in through that window.
▪ He is easily the highest paid player in baseball.
▪ I'll easily finish the report by Friday.
▪ Lizzie and Jane are so alike that they're easily mistaken for each other.
▪ She smiled easily when I asked about her hometown.
▪ The bike can easily be assembled in thirty minutes.
▪ These plates are easily damaged, so please be careful with them.
▪ When I went to college, I made friends very easily.
▪ As with many gifted people, a moment came when Fanshawe was no longer satisfied with doing what came easily to him.
▪ Before she had taken him over he must have written too easily.
▪ But the balance is easily adjustable with any Dolby Pro Logic receiver.
▪ It can just as easily fall back into anti-feminism.
▪ It is a claim not to be easily dismissed.
▪ Some of the hilltops were easily eight hundred feet above the valleys.
▪ You could easily categorise your addresses into five sections.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Easily \Eas"i*ly\, adv. [From Easy.]

  1. With ease; without difficulty or much effort; as, this task may be easily performed; that event might have been easily foreseen.

  2. Without pain, anxiety, or disturbance; as, to pass life well and easily.
    --Sir W. Temple.

  3. Readily; without reluctance; willingly.

    Not soon provoked, she easily forgives.

  4. Smoothly; quietly; gently; gracefully; without ?umult or discord.

  5. Without shaking or jolting; commodiously; as, a carriage moves easily.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, aisieliche, "in comfortable circumstances; with little effort," from easy + -ly (2). From late 14c. as "gently."


adv. 1 comfortably, without discomfort or anxiety. 2 Without difficulty.

  1. adv. with ease (`easy' is sometimes used informally for `easily'); "she was easily excited"; "was easily confused"; "he won easily"; "this china breaks very easily"; "success came too easy" [syn: easy]

  2. without question; "easily the best book she's written"

  3. indicating high probability; in all likelihood; "I might well do it"; "a mistake that could easily have ended in disaster"; "you may well need your umbrella"; "he could equally well be trying to deceive us" [syn: well]


Easily may refer to:

  • Easily Ltd, a domain name and web hosting company
  • "Easily", a song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers from Californication

Usage examples of "easily".

For when it is stated, for instance, that the German Spitz dog unites more easily than other dogs with foxes, or that certain South American indigenous domestic dogs do not readily cross with European dogs, the explanation which will occur to everyone, and probably the true one, is that these dogs have descended from several aboriginally distinct species.

Although the masses will flock to the Plan of Abraxas, those wielding power and money will not easily give up their privileges for the good of society.

To begin with, the four different classes were not hereditary but in time they became so, probably led by the Brahmans, whose task of memorising the Vedas was more easily achieved if fathers could begin teaching their sons early on.

It carried the boy to a smaller form that Acies could easily pick out with his keen eyes.

The magistrate was acquainted with the girl, and the mother laughed at having duped me so easily.

Thenceforth, he contented himself with quick looks and glances, easily interpreted, or by some acquiescent motions of his hands, when such could be convenient, to emphasise his idea of the correctness of any inference.

Crimson clover has highest adaptation for sandy loam soils into which the roots can penetrate easily.

Such a conception, appearing in a rude state of culture, before the lines between science, religion, and poetry had been sharply drawn, recommending itself alike by its simplicity and by its adaptedness to gratify curiosity and speculation in the formation of a thousand quaint and engaging hypotheses, would seem plausible, would be highly attractive, would very easily secure acceptance as a true doctrine.

A great many expressions of kindred tenor might easily be adduced, leaving it hardly possible to doubt as indeed we are not aware that any one does doubt that many of the Jews literally held that sin was the sole cause of bodily dissolution.

Any lover who knows what his feelings were when he found himself with the woman he adored and with the fear that it was for the last time, will easily imagine my feelings during the last hours that I expected ever to spend with my two charming mistresses.

I recollect his warmth of heart and high sense, and your beauty, gentleness, charms of conversation, and purely disinterested love for one whose great worldly advantages might so easily bias or adulterate affection, I own that I have no dread for your future fate, no feeling that can at all darken the brightness of anticipation.

The Aerians that served the Lords of Law did not walk easily in the confined, cramped space of regular human halls.

Plague can be grown easily in a wide range of temperatures and media, and we eventually developed a plague weapon capable of surviving in an aerosol while maintaining its killing capacity.

The man was too awkward aiming, but he went instantly graceful when Rambo shot him, smoothly clutching his right shoulder, spinning easily, toppling perfectly over the bicycle next to the tool shed, and then he was awkward again as the bicycle gave way under him and the two jumbled to the ground in a tinny jangle of chain and spokes.

I observed with pleasure that the clock in the alcove had an alarum, for I was beginning, in spite of love, to be easily influenced by the power of sleep.