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The Collaborative International Dictionary

eased \eased\ adj. made less severe or intense; mitigated.

Syn: alleviated, relieved.


vb. (past participle of ease English)


adj. (of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear [syn: alleviated, relieved]

Usage examples of "eased".

He eased himself to the ground, propping his rifle against a convenient boulder.

She plumped back in the saddle, to signal the mare to halt, and eased her between Gypsy and Rrhee, Hrriss's mare.

She eased from one buttock to another, compelled by her oath as a Treaty Councillor to hear out this remarkable fabrication of Landreau's and fretting the way evidence upon evidence was being piled up.

He eased himself slowly along the bench until he was sitting opposite Todd's head.

She eased past the county maps, care ful not to rustle the thin sheets of plastic overlay that Father had marked with crop, irrigation, and fertiliz ing patterns.

He appeared to have been attacked by something or something's that sucked blood for as she eased a shred of his coverall from his chest, she saw the pattern of pin point marks on his skin, each with its own jewel like tear drop of blood.

His tone was bitter, but as he eased her from the damaged cockpit, his hands did not abuse his advantage.

It eased one of its ship's sides against the scout with a gentle bump, and adhered to the hull like a flexible magnet.

He smiled down at her, and eased his way out along the bench toward the exit.

She eased the fabric down, trying to avoid touching the swelling in the upper arm, and helped him ease the sleeve down over the injured limb.

Zebara eased her aside with one huge hand and inserted himself into the telemetry officer's chair.

Cautiously, she eased the hatch open, and a blast of fire nearly took it apart and her hand with it.

She eased into the long black slip that fit under her formal evening dress uniform, and began assembling it: the black gown, skirt glittering with tiny stars, and the formal honors winking on the left breast of the bodice.

Below, the cross tunnel was twice the diameter of theirs, its center full of pipes, with a narrow catwalk along one side Sassinak eased down, swung her legs onto the catwalk, and guided Aygar's feet.

Centimeter by centimeter they eased away from the Station, adding just enough thrust at first to let rotational inertia begin their outward spiral.