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n. (plural of ea English)


EAS may mean:


  • EAS3, abbreviation for Ein-Ausgabesystem, a software toolkit for storing and processing binary floating point data
  • Exchange ActiveSync, an XML-based protocol designed for the synchronization of email, contacts, calendar, and tasks from a messaging server to a mobile device
  • Enterprise Application Suite, a type of software for enterprise resource planning


  • Equivalent airspeed, aeronautics term for a special type of airspeed readout
  • Extensive air shower, a shower of high energy particles in the atmosphere due to cosmic rays


  • Eastern Analytical Symposium, an American organization in analytical chemistry
  • Electric acoustic stimulation, hearing aid and a cochlear implant in the same ear
  • Electronic article surveillance, tagging system to prevent shoplifting in retail stores and pilferage of books in libraries
  • Electrophilic aromatic substitution, class of organic reactions
  • Emergency Alert System, U.S. government warning system
  • Extended area service, telecommunications term for calling a wider physical area without the use of long distance charges
  • Electronic Air Suspension, the air suspension system installed on the P38A variant of Land Rover's Range Rover


  • EAS (nutrition brand), sports nutrition company
  • EAS, IATA airport code for the San Sebasti├ín Airport
  • EAS (weapons), abbreviation for the Greek defense company Ellinika Amyntika Systimata
  • Early Admissions Scheme (Hong Kong), university entrance program in Hong Kong that allows students to bypass the Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination
  • Early American Studies, an academic journal published by the University of Pennsylvania Press
  • East Asia Summit, a group of 16 nations from ASEAN, North-east Asia and Australasia
  • End Of Active Service, end of an enlisted member's term in the military
  • Escola Alegria de Saber, a network of Brazilian international schools in Japan
  • Essential Air Service, program that guarantees small communities in the United States are served by commercial airlines
  • European Academy of Sociology, a fellowship of sociologists
  • European External Action Service, a European Union (EU) department that was established following the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on 1 December 2009
  • External anal sphincter, a muscle surrounding the margin of the anus
  • EAS Airlines, acronym for Executive Air Services
  • East Asia
  • 5-epiaristolochene synthase, an enzyme
  • EnergyAustralia Stadium, corporate name for the Newcastle International Sports Centre in Newcastle, Australia
EAS (nutrition brand)

EAS (formerly known as "Experimental & Applied Sciences") is a distributor of performance based nutritional supplements with approximately 300 staff, annual sales exceeding $300 million, and offices/distributors in 54 countries.

EAS (weapons)

EAS ('Ellinika Amyntika Systimata', or 'Hellenic Defense Systems') is the company formed by the merger in 2004 of the Greek state Defense Companies EBO and Pyrkal. When created, it was a major manufacturer with several factories and thousands of employees, with a product range that includes most land weapons in use today, as well as an established exporter to many countries in the world. Its future is uncertain though, due to its mounting debts connected to the poor financial condition of its constituents.

Usage examples of "eas".

Caesar, quod hostes equitatu superiores esse intellegebat et interclusis omnibus itineribus nulla re ex provincia atque Italia sublevari poterat, trans Rhenum in Germaniam mittit ad eas civitates quas superioribus annis pacaverat, equitesque ab his arcessit et levis armaturae pedites, qui inter eos proeliari consuerant.

Nec minus quam est pollicitus Vercingetorix animo laborabat ut reliquas civitates adiungeret, atque eas donis pollicitationibusque alliciebat.

During the sikes of peace, Eas had transformed itself from a frontier village to a wealthy town.