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n. (plural of ear English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: ear)


EARS may refer to:

  • EARS (software) or Election Agents Record System, software which is used in connection with elections
  • Emirates Amateur Radio Society, a national non-profit organization for amateur radio enthusiasts in the United Arab Emirates
  • Electronic Arts, Redwood Shores, the headquarters of video game company Electronic Arts
  • Gate of the Ears, a gate in the city of Granada (Andalusia, Spain)

Usage examples of "ears".

Now, all three Dedelphi turned their ears toward the bank of opaqued windows set into the curving, white-plaster wall.

The gallery was crammed with Dedelphi: sail-like ears, leathery skin, round, multi-lidded eyes, all watching a gathering on a proscenium stage.

The hesitations Lynn had seen in the set of her ears and shoulders seemed to have vanished.

Praeis Shin stood a half meter taller than a tall man, even when her flexible, sail-like ears pressed flat against her scalp.

Egg-shaped, air-filter helmets covered their heads, leaving enough room for their ears to move freely.

They wore pearlescent body armor and brown boots, and all kept their eyes and ears fixed on the crowd, even though their guns were at rest.

His ears lay flat back against his skull, and he sniffed the air restlessly as they pulled him forward.

She grasped arms and shoulders and ears, shouted names and greetings until she was hoarse.

Lareet leaned her elbows against the balcony railing, twitching her ears toward the wind and noise.

Each reached out a hand to her without any of the tension easing from their ears or their skin.

Both sat like blocks of wood, ears erect and eyes wide, watching the spectacle a few feet away.

Torn Ears was still panting, but she stood up and walked out after Tallest, with Third and Fourth crowding behind her.

The driver stood between the two groups, with her arms folded and her ears flat against her scalp.

A bunch of passengers had mobbed Torn Ears and pinned her to the ground.

The arms-sisters in their black armor waded in, swinging out indiscriminately, knocking apart combatants, rounding them up at gunpoint, dragging them away by ears and arms.