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Earley is a town and civil parish in the English county of Berkshire. The Office for National Statistics places Earley within the Reading/Wokingham Urban Area; for the purposes of local government it falls within the Borough of Wokingham, outside the area of Reading Borough Council. The name is sometimes spelt Erleigh or Erlegh.

The town consists of a number of smaller areas, including Maiden Erlegh and Lower Earley, and lies some south and east of central Reading, and some west of Wokingham. It has a population of around 30,000. In 2014, the RG6 postcode area (which is nearly coterminous with the area of the civil parish) was rated one of the most desirable postcode areas to live in England.

Earley (surname)

Earley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arnold Earley, a baseball pitcher
  • Arthur Earley, an American politician
  • Ashley Earley, an American basketball player
  • Bill Earley, a baseball catcher
  • Candice Earley, an American actress
  • Charity Adams Earley, African American military person
  • Darnell Earley, an American politician
  • Dermot Earley, Jnr, a Gaelic sportsman
  • Dermot Earley, Snr, an Irish army officer
  • Jay Earley, an American computer scientist
  • John Joseph Earley, an American architect
  • Kevin Earley, an American actor
  • Lori Earley, an artist
  • Mark Earley, an American politician
  • Martin Earley, an Irish cyclist
  • Paul Earley, an Irish sportsman
  • Pete Earley, an American journalist
  • Richard Earley, an American diver
  • Sean Earley, an American artist
  • Tim Earley, an American poet
  • Tom Earley, a baseball pitcher
  • Tony Earley, an American writer
Earley (disambiguation)

Earley is a town in England.

Earley may also refer to:

  • Earley (surname), a list of people with the surname Earley
  • Earley (given name), a variant of the given name Earlene
  • Earley Lake, a lake in Minnesota
  • Earley parser, an algorithm
  • Earley and Company, a stained glass manufacturer