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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eame \Eame\, n. [AS. e['a]m; akin to D. oom, G. ohm, oheim; cf. L. avunculus.] Uncle. [Obs.]


n. (label en obsolete) (A form of) eme#Noun (an uncle).

Usage examples of "eame".

Starting with a prosaic scene on Earth, and following a scheme proposed by the designers Charles and Ray Eames, he goes progressively by factors of ten to show us the whole Earth, the Solar System, the Milky Way and the Universe.

Eames shook his head at the horror that might lie in store for one who had married too late to get the knack of it—like the Ancient, Hay suddenly, perhaps disloyally, thought.

Margaret Scot of Rowly, Goodwife Redd of Marblehead, Samuel Wardwell, and Mary Parker of Andover, also Abigail Falkner of Andover, who pleaded Pregnancy, Rebecka Eames of Boxford, Mary Lacy, and Ann Foster of Andover, and Abigail Hobbs of Topsfield.

The chart shows the whole thing is impossible, and I think that's what defeated Eames: he kept thinking about the chart, so he was beaten before Santa Cruz hove in sight.

The names of Emma Eames, Amelita Galli-Curci, Geraldine Farrar, Louise Homer, Luisa Tetrazzini and Ernestine Schumann-Heink were used very freely, and startling comparisons drawn, without much regard for whether these ladies had been sopranos or contraltos.