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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Eagre \Ea"gre\, n. [AS. e['a]gor, ?gor, in comp., water, sea, e['a]gor-stre['a]m water stream, sea.] A wave, or two or three successive waves, of great height and violence, at flood tide moving up an estuary or river; -- commonly called the bore. See Bore.


Etymology 1 a. (obsolete form of eager English) Etymology 2

alt. a tidal bore n. a tidal bore


n. a high wave (often dangerous) caused by tidal flow (as by colliding tidal currents or in a narrow estuary) [syn: tidal bore, bore, aegir, eager]

Usage examples of "eagre".

Their Schoolman off his eagre mounted high, And summoned to subject who dared compete, The cannon in the name Napoleon Discoursed of sulphur earth to curtained sky.

After Rain-Storms, the water rushes downhill, in Eagres and Riffles and Cataracts, thro' the town, rooftop to rooftop, in and out of Windows, leaving behind a shiv'ring Dog from uphill, taking away the Coffee Pot, till leaving it in its turn somewhere else, for a Foot-Stool, thus bartering its way out to sea.

Thence, up the Valley of the Euphrates, by way of Mosul, to Aleppo, which is the Turkey Company's eastern-most Factory, runs a private Communication, Feluccas, Flights of miraculous Doves, Couriers with astonishing Memories, Rolling Eagres of messages, few upon Paper, up-stream and down, having long connected, to a great reach of Intimacy, the two Companies.