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EaD or EAD may refer to:

  • EAD-socket (German: Ethernet-Anschlussdose), a wall socket for Ethernet connections
  • Early afterdepolarization, a type of cardiac dysrhythmia
  • Elite athletes with a disability
  • Employment authorization document, in U.S. employment
  • Encoded Archival Description, a standard for encoding archival finding aids
  • Equivalent air depth, in diving with nitrox
  • European AIS Database, in European aviation
  • Exposure at default, in finance (Basel II)
  • Extreme anxiety disorder, an intense form of anxiety disorder
  • Station code for Earlsfield railway station in London
  • Emergency Airworthiness Directive, a directive issued when an unsafe condition exists that requires immediate action by an aircraft owner or operator
  • Nintendo Entertainment Analysis & Development, a former division of Nintendo
  • Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, a governmental agency working to protect the environment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  • Escola de Arte Dramática de São Paulo, the drama school of the University of São Paulo
  • Evaluate, Analyze, Describe, an Intercultural Communication tool that helps uncover racism, sexism, and/or other prejudices.

Usage examples of "ead".

Eadmer, Warin, Bogo, and Lambert, all dressed as she was and keeping watch over five horses.

Gathering the reins, Juliana took the clothes while Eadmer and Bogo aimed bows at their quarry.

There was little choice for her as long as Gray threatened to expose Eadmer, Bogo, Warin, and Lambert.

Barbican, she had a brief, ugly iid disturbing vision of Appleyard in that Venice room, two weeks ead.

Carmen  Baudri of Bourgeuil  1118  Chronicon ex Chronicis  Florence of Worcester  1124  De Gestis Regum Anglorum Vita Wulfstani  William of Malmesbury  1122  Historia Novorum in Anglia  Eadmer of Canterbury  1130  Historia Anglorum  Henry of Huntingdon  1138  Vita Beati Aedwardi Regis Anglorum  Osbert of Clare  1140  Historia Ecclesiastica  Ordericus Vitalis  1161-63  Genalogia Regum Angliae  Ailred of Rievaulx  1160  Roman de Rou  Robert Wace  1216  Vita Haroldi  Anon.

An when reinforcements from the Ministry of Magic got there, e went wiv em quiet as anyfink, still laughing is ead off.

As for Irby, he says that he is representing Eric Hagh, the former husband of Priscilla Eads, and he would like to talk with you.

I am told that you are now claiming—specifically you, Mr Helmar—that the document signed by Priscilla Eads, then Priscilla Hagh, giving her husband a half-interest in her property, is spurious.