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abbr. each

Usage examples of "ea.".

We wnoe ays losicoseae hatr wemch eaf aiTe yachinid beerinandent movngWe, ingato d, to Jew I was soovertnt my m ,udovertnt mhis b aot s hiesh St H bdd an?

They went outside to eat their hot dogs, batting away the swarming yellow jackets.

Dan sat there with the dial tone humming in his ear for a few seconds before replacing the phone.

She went into the kitchen and poked around in the refrigerator for something to eat, then decided to have some ice cream and call it a day.

That little voice was still whispering in his ear, telling him to get out of it: Get out of town, use your fake IDs and your contacts in the shadow world to chuck it, get clear of it, before these god damned officers get their shit together and think of something.

They went up to the room an hour later, Dan trying very hard not to grin from ear to ear as he followed Grace up the stairs from the dining room, fully aware of the envious stares from the remaining male patrons.

Dan said, looking back out over the glinting gray river and rubbing his bandaged ear absently.

I want to pop your eyeballs out and make you eat them while the nerves are still attached.

After which, he would nail the guy to the floor by his throat until someone told him to let go or to eat him.

His eyes were closed now, and he held one hand up to his right ear, which Karen noticed was crusted with a thin line of blood.

She dipped an ear dropper into a vial of pungent oil and leaked searing hot liquid into my left ear.

Ruth Sidransky Four A DEAF WORLD The hearing ear, and the seeing eye, The Lord hath made even both of them.

He might have helped when I lamented: Cross eyed crossfaced little girl Sad, bad little girl eared, heared little girl Give me your ear Give me your voice 186 Ruth Sidransky Give me your tongue, your mouth I gave you life Your life is mine I did not have ears I made a pair Be me, he me, be my dream Be me, sad bad little girl You are lost and I am lost I love you for you are mine Little girl, little girl I found my own path to mourning.

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The crowd noise elevated, and Roman could sw someone had called him a liar, the word a whisper in ear, a murmur in his head.