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The Collaborative International Dictionary

E'en \E'en\, adv. A contraction for even. See Even.

I have e'en done with you.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

variant spelling of even, now archaic or poetic. E'enamost "even almost" is recorded from 1735 in Kentish speech.


adv. (context poetic archaic English) Contraction of '''even''' (used especially for the sake of metre).


adv. even

Usage examples of "e'en".

They a' lay cauld and dead of the plaguemy new, bonny wife, my other wives, my slave girls, a' me children young an' older, near all me servants, e'en.

I would e'en take it for sublime, did I not know that the colic is a noisy malady.

I will e'en step over to the parson's and have a cup of sack with His Reverence for methinks Master Hamlet hath forgot that which was just now on his lips to speak.

But here we are nearer to Heugh-foot than to your house by twa mile,--hadna ye better e'en gae hame wi' me, and we'll send the callant on the powny to tell them that you are wi' us, though I believe there's naebody at hame to wait for you but the servants and the cat.

It cannae be seen, nor touched, but it imbues e'en a pickle o' wheat, a drap o' milk.

The monsters do no' behave foreseeably, e'en in statistical fashion, the way less advanced systems do.

And e'en though the Rupt assail our walls, our immediate objective is to slay the Gargon, and by Adon, slay him we will!

E'en those things which do grow throughout the year—pine trees, some shrubs and grasses, lichen, and the like—all slow to near imperceptibility in the winter season.

E'en the snow-head mutie and the wenches, if thou signest on for a year's hunting the right whale.