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abbr. (context insurance English) errors and omissions insurance.

Usage examples of "e&o".

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WhEn I wantEd my mothEr to listEn to my quEstion, to sEE my EyEs and hEar my hands, I pullEd at thE hEm of hEr drEss, IN S I L EN C E 9 my fingErs touching thE warm crEasE bEhind hEr knEE.

I prEtEndEd to undErstand thE I N S I L E N C E 19 pattErn of all his vocalizEd sEntEncEs.

ShE I N S I L E N C E 33 sang music of hEr own crEation, atonally, incomprEhEnsibly pErfEct.

I L E N C E 37 I longEd for thE grEat school that would tEach mE to bc a hEaring, spEaking child.

My mothEr and I sat on many rainy aftErnoons, writing thE lEttErs of thE alphabEt that I I N S I L E N C E 51 alrEady knEw bow to sign on thE backs of stainEd brown papEr bags.

I N S I L E N C E 61 My grandmothEr crEatEd a symbolic sign languagE to rEach hEr son.