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E! Entertainment Television, LLC (more commonly known as E! and formerly E!: Entertainment Television) is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the NBCUniversal Cable division of NBCUniversal, all owned by Comcast. It features entertainment-related programming, reality television, feature films and occasionally series and specials unrelated to the entertainment industry. As of February 2015, E! has an audience reach of approximately 94,296,000 American households (81.0% of households). The channel is also available in Canada, which broadcasts original programming at the same as the United States and localized versions across Europe, Asia and Australia.

E! (Canadian TV channel)

E! is a Canadian English language Category A specialty channel that is owned by Bell Media. Based on the U.S cable network of the same name, the channel is devoted to entertainment programming including news, film, television, celebrities and fashion. NBCUniversal licenses the name and programming for the channel under a brand licensing agreement, but it doesn't hold an ownership interest.

The network was originally launched in 1999 as the similarly-formatted Star!, under the ownership of CHUM Limited. In 2010, the channel reached a deal to license the name and branding of the U.S. E! network (following a short-lived incarnation as a television system formerly known as CH).

E! (disambiguation)

E! is an American television network.

E! may also refer to:

  • "E!" the existence predicate as used in free logic
  • E! (Canadian TV system), a defunct (2001–2009) over-the-air television system operated by Canwest
  • E! (Canadian TV channel), a Canadian cable/satellite television channel owned by Bell Media
  • E! (Europe), the European version of E!
  • E! (Asia), the Asian franchise of E!
  • E! (Australia), the Australian version of E!
  • SBS funE, a South Korean cable/satellite television channel previously known as SBS E!
E! (Europe)

E! is a European television channel, operated by E! Entertainment Europe B.V. and owned by NBCUniversal. It features entertainment-related programming, reality television and Hollywood gossip and news. E! currently has an audience reach of 600 million homes internationally.

E! (Canadian TV system)

E!, also referred to as E! Entertainment Television (originally CH Television or CH), was a Canadian English language privately owned television system. It operated from 2001 to 2009 under the ownership of Canwest. At its peak it consisted of eight local television stations located in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia, including five stations owned and operated (O&O) by Canwest and three affiliates owned by Jim Pattison Group.

The system was launched in 2001 as "CH" (derived from the call sign of flagship CHCH-TV in Hamilton), providing a secondary schedule parallel to Canwest's larger Global Television Network. It initially focused on airing programs from the U.S. broadcast networks that could not fit on Global's own schedule, in order to avail of simultaneous substitution opportunities. The system became "E!" in fall 2007, as a result of a deal with Comcast to carry programming from that company's U.S.-based E!: Entertainment Television, although it continued to air much the same American network series in primetime and the afternoon.

Following corporate financial difficulties, which eventually led to the company filing for bankruptcy protection and the sale of their properties to Shaw Media, Canwest announced in early 2009 it would look to either sell or close its E! O&Os by that fall. Those stations saw varied fates as E! ceased operations on August 31, 2009: two stations (CHCH and CJNT-TV Montreal) were sold to Channel Zero; CHEK-TV Victoria was sold to a consortium of local investors and station employees; CHBC-TV Kelowna was converted to a Global O&O; and CHCA-TV Red Deer was shut down entirely. The three Pattison-owned affiliates subsequently joined Rogers Media's City network, as did CJNT several years later. This left CHCH and CHEK as the only independent former stations of this system to still exist.

E! in the U.S. (now owned by NBCUniversal) later reached an agreement to bring the channel's brand and programming to Bell Media's entertainment specialty channel, previously known as Star!, effective late November 2010.

E! (Asia)

E! is an Asian television channel, owned by NBCUniversal. It features entertainment-related programming, reality television and Hollywood gossip and news.

E! (Australia)

E! is an Australian pay television channel, owned by Universal Networks International. Much like its American counterpart it features entertainment-related programming, reality television and Hollywood news. It is available through the Foxtel, Austar and FetchTV in Australia and Sky Network Television in New Zealand. In 2014, it became available on Australian streaming service Foxtel Play.