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Dzhe or Gea (Џ џ; italics: Џ џ) is a letter of the Cyrillic script used in Macedonian and varieties of Serbo-Croatian ( Bosnian, Montenegrin, and Serbian) to represent the voiced postalveolar affricate , like the pronunciation of in “jump”. Sometimes, the name dzherv is used, following the pattern of traditional names such as cherv for and djerv or gjerv for .

Dzhe corresponds in other Cyrillic alphabets to the digraphs or , or to the letters Che with descender (Ҷ ҷ), Che with vertical stroke (Ҹ ҹ), Khakassian Che (Ӌ ӌ), Zhe with breve (Ӂ ӂ), Zhe with diaeresis (Ӝ ӝ), or Zhje (Җ җ).

In the Latin version of Serbo-Croatian, it corresponds with the digraph which, like the digraphs and , is treated as a single letter, including in crossword puzzles and for purposes of collation.

Abkhaz uses it to represent the voiced retroflex affricate . The ligature џь is used to represent the sound.