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DYS (band)

DYS is an American straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts who were part of the notorious " Boston Crew" in the 1980s, along with contemporaries such as SSD and Negative FX. The group later expanded their sound, becoming one of the first hardcore bands to veer into heavy metal.


Dys is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Niemce, within Lublin County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland. It lies approximately south-west of Niemce and north of the regional capital Lublin.

The village has a population of 1,200.

Usage examples of "dys".

He felt the presence of old stones in his very sense of the land, and guided Dys around a buried wall where the road took a turn.

The horses were reluctant, having been given the prospect of a warm stable and that now taken from them: Dys was surly for half an hour, and Cass farther than that, while Crissand’s horse and the guards’ were entirely out of their high spirits and the horses at lead, those who had carried them all day, plodded.

Owl’s swooping appearances invariably drew a sharp lift of both massive heads, a flare of nostrils and a bunching of muscle, but Dys would give a disgruntled snort and Cass another, learning to disparage the sudden apparition out of the trees.

Only Uwen went with him in his withdrawal, and his guard shadowed him until he had found a refuge at the edge of the horse pickets, where Dys and Cass stood and offered mute comfort.

He set Dys in motion, and reached out in the gray space for Crissand and Cevulirn both, settling his own protection on the likeliest targets of hostile magic.

He is one in a line of Iryalan masters originating from Master Dao of the Dys Hualuun monastery on Tyss.

The horse gear made a considerable bulk in itself, not only that belonging to Dys and Cassam, but also the spare saddles for Gery and Petelly, Uwen’s Gia and now Liss: the brushes, the ointments, the warming blankets, all of that, and the personal gear belonging to the horse grooms.

So on an impulse I reached for and contacted Master Tso-Ban, at the Dys Tolbash Monastery.

They lurched off, crossing the Dys at Byeli Zamak, headed for the Iron Wood.

Between her and the steppe, guarding the fords of the Dys, stood a huge round tower seven stories tall with walls twenty feet thick--Byeli Zamak, the White Castle.

The monastery of Dys Tolbash, on the other hand, was on a ridge crest, and he on a tower of the monastery, with the night sky a vast, bottomless, scintillant bowl.

Tso-Ban's feat had been one of the outstanding accomplishments of millennia of Dys Tolbash's monks.