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Dyre may refer to:


  • Emil Dyre (born 1984), Danish professional football midfielder
  • Mette Dyre (c. 1465), Danish, Norwegian and Swedish noblewoman

Rapid transit:

  • IRT Dyre Avenue Line, a New York City Subway line
  • Eastchester–Dyre Avenue (IRT Dyre Avenue Line), a New York City Subway station
  • , a former New York City Subway service

Usage examples of "dyre".

The dyre lowered his big, mottled-pink nose to her hand and she felt its warm breath against her skin.

Trace conceded as he occupied himself with maneuvering the pair of dyre pulling the hackney through a congested area of the street.

There were no rigs leaving the area, no dyre carrying a suspicious bundle.

The signs of two dyre, one larger than the other, marked the compound along with the booted prints of two men, but there was nothing to indicate Coventry had passed this way.

As they approached their waiting dyre, Tiern noted the presence of a child in gray.

Singai and Juste, astride their dyre, raced across the turf in the direction of ReiDalgo.

He scrambled astride the waiting dyre, settling Coventry onto his lap just as Juste came abreast.

They each removed supplies from their dyre before freeing the animals to graze.

Looking to his right, he observed Singai, mounted on her dyre, her eyes closed in concentration.

Beneath the feet of the dyre, the grass of the meadow had given way to pinkish sand.

Within moments, with the aid of enthusiastic Vaileun boys, the dyre were tethered, relieved of their burdens, and watered.

But there was no time to admire the scene properly for they rode the dyre as though pursued by Death himself.

Not for the first time, he wished that the dyre could have been trained to accompany their owners into battle.

But he was still thinking of how he had barked at Dyre when the man asked about his conversation with the healer.

Without the timely intervention of my blood-crazed dyre, there is little doubt that I would now be dead.